A Definition of Art

ecause art is comparable to a folder rather than a file, its definition is subjective. It is determined by individual fiat. It will be whatever you wish to put into its folder.

For purposes of this page I give it my personal definition.

yeeeeee-hahhhhhhhhh ... DaVinci Rules !
Oh God ... I don't think I can keep this up ... please read on ... uh!...... huh!...... uh!...... huh!...... uh!...... huh!...... uh!...... Art is anything that people add to their 'output' which is not functionally necessary and is other than the default properties of that output.

Example: The default leg of a chair (output) may be a long rectangular square. If its maker tapers the ends for no other reason than personal aesthetic preference, that tapering is art. If he tapers it for a functional (mechanical) reason it is part of 'engineering design' and not art. If he makes the leg round as on a lathe it may or may not be an artistic decision.
If for looks - artistic.
If to make it less likely to splinter or cause stubbed toe injuries, etc. it is engineering design.

There are two main aspects of art which cause the most debate.

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