nterest denotes the artist's capacity to make the ordinary ... noteworthy. For instance, we might have occasion to paint a tree. We could choose the pedestrian (right) or, make something more ... something exotic ... something the average artist would not think to do or to bother with ... something that sets the tree apart from all others.

I cannot find the tree painting that I wanted to put in here. It is a scene with a hunting dog running toward a tree which has been "worked over" by Rubens to give it the interest factor of which we speak.

Here is a "mess of sticks" detail instead which exemplifies the interest concept fairly well. You should be able to tell that Rubens would not have beeen satisfied just to lay things around in a 'natural' pattern as that would not be nearly as interesting as this 'artificial - natural construction'.

Detail of a Rubens

The moral here is

"Work the composition
for all you can get out of it."

Don't take the easy way ... even though that's the way every "modern" artist goes.
P.S. The hard way is more fun and more rewarding as well. But don't tell anyone else.

Here is (I think) the painting I was looking for:

Detail from Rubens
The Boar Hunt

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