An Art Project

f it is expected that the reader take my opinions seriously in all the forgoing, it is incumbent on me to produce a proof of ability work. I do not wish to be called a "critic" of the sort I detest, i.e. those who profess to "know all" about the subject at hand yet cannot produce an example in that genre. This will be a major work for me (something I have not done in 20+ years). I expect difficulties ... but ... it'll get done ... by & by ... as usual.

The Plan ...

  1. A "cartoon" will be made.
    I'm going to use the pencil method described in the forgoing with a computerized modification. Instead of laboriously copying each successive "redo", a scanner will be utilized. And ... I will use a paint program to move finished structures around after I've found fault in them. This should hurry things up a bit. And ... detail can be expanded to work on as well. This should be an interesting technical experiment in "pencil-mouse".
  2. A canvas ~ 54" x 72" will be prepared.
    This will be my largest attempt and should tax my patience and ability to the utmost. I'm going to use techniques new to me (probably not to others). The canvas will be tacked to the wall and will be worked on unstretched for reason of the "springyness" of a large streched storebought canvas (working on a big canvas already on stretchers is like painting a moving object). Also, I'm going to gesso the holes over because I can't stand them and can't afford to fill 'em in with real paint. If either of these tactics is a technical no-no ... I don't care ... because I'm only interested in the finished product till it gets on my website.
  3. A monochrome acrylic full size painting is made.
    I'm going to use acrylic for the underpainting. It's something I had intended to try just before aborting my art stillborn career ;o) ... I will use an earth color with white for shades ... probably burnt umber ... something dark but redish (I assume Leonardo knew what he was doing here).
  4. Full color is applied by the glaze method (in oil).
    I have not done this either ... so it will be very interesting and I should get really disgusted with myself before I complete the entire work. After I get it on my site maybe I'll roll up the canvas & toss it in the dumpster too. Hah!
  5. The Subject
    I'm going to complete the last thing I was working on which was a rider on horseback engaged in dynamic conflict. More in the spirit of Laocoon than a balanced work which I admire more. I expect to take no more than three months (done in July '99 2003?) ... unless my wife disapproves of the oil phase ... in which case the work will end as an acrylic "study".
I've prepared a "plan" because it is my experience that ... though all plans fail as they are originally conceived, one must make one anyway. To do otherwise is to begin ... lost.

EBTX - 3/26/99

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