Art Project: Part Two of ...
Body Lengths
& Body Masses

ow it's about 75% accurate and "I've only just begun ... la laaaa" So far I've only spent about 30 minutes on this project (including doing the jpg conversions & html page work) It may take 60-100 hours over the next few months.

I think you get the idea ... you don't need any talent to do something good ... just "keep at it until you get it right" - secret of the old masters ... shhh ... don't tell anybody.

I'm experimenting with using only the paintbrush program in Windows. This seems to be better than pencil ... even with just a mouse ... at least for crude placement, body mass, body length work.

And ... nothing beats drag & drop for shifting objects around, lengthening arms, etc. Before, with pencil, if I decided that the head was in the wrong position, I had to redraw the whole thing to place it properly. Now I just cut off the head and drag it ... and ... I get to experiment with different positions.

Preliminary body lengths & masses - part deux

This will continue to change & develop. By the time the whole thing is through, you'll be tired of it ... but I won't because i'm doing it.

PS ... At this point you should be saying, "I still think this guy doesn't know what he's doing". OK, we'll see _________ ;o)

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