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ere, the picture has been expanded by "gridwork" in order to draw on a larger paper [specifically Bienfang Designer Series - Graphics no.360 - 14"x17" ... This is the paper you might as well forget about drawing if you don't have it.]. I would prefer an even larger size but I can't find it. What the hay? Go for it. As long as it's not 8.5x11 typing paper which is way too cramped for any artist.

With this paper you just work the drawing till it's FUBARed and then put another clean sheet over it under a strong light source and ... trace out your best line. It's just translucent enough to see the heavier lines through. A light box made specifically for tracing or tracing paper shows too much and is confusing. This 360 Bienfang is absolutely excellent.

I'm not too worried about details here ... just where things go ... how many of 'em there are ... & body lengths & masses. It doesn't even matter if it looks like a proper horse (I know already that I can make a decent one ... I just have to work it when I get it to the proper position.).

Expanded Previous 4-15-99

Notice that the guy is falling off the horse (to some degree) increasing the "imbalance" and "action" that I'm looking for. This is a piece of serendipity that you always run into. He didn't fit on the horse properly so instead of repositioning him, I just let him kinda' slide off.

Actually all that "serendipity" is, is the the subconscious mind "getting through" to the conscious. If I had repositioned, it would be tantamount to overruling my subconscious which has the entire thing already made thereby costing me extra time and disintegrating the composition. What I plan at the beginning is what I consciously know. The entire schtick here is to let the thing come out from the subconscious where it is at it's best. Therefore, always listen to the "little" voice which is quietly advising you. It knows what to do. At some point in the drawing, that voice will "take over" completely and you don't have to think any more ... just "feel the force, Luke".

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