Art Project
Some General Shaping

and continuing the composition

should get my ass in gear and proceed onward and upward with this project. At the rate I'm going the sun will nova first. I haven't spent more than 3 hours on this in three weeks ... my apologies to the returning reader.

Here, I'm starting to see stabilization of the composition. It will get more pleasant the more I can work on details. The drawing has been folded in half to facilitate scanning ... then restitched in MSPaint. What??? ... no Adobe Illustrator? No ... no dinero for programs of least use. Maybe someday.

Worked Previous 4-25-99

I think I'll try moving some body parts around with the mouse ... but this means a new problema. I have to print it out in 4 sheets then trace (stitch) then together manually in pencil if I wish to continue in pencil ... and I certainly do. Detail work is impossible with the mouse. Just try doing a whole intricate drawing pixel by pixel. Arrrrgh!!!! ... no way Jose.

Forget it ... too much trouble. I'll just "get by" with the old standard #2 lead pencil.

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