Art Project
Fine Composition Adjustments

and a little shading for bulk

ere I've shortened some necks and changed the position of the man and his action (I didn't know what he was to do with his left hand before). Some shading has been added because as the vultures say "I wanna' kill something", i.e. I get tired of just lines and want to get closer to the end of the thing.

Fine composition adjustments

At this point ... if I only wanted to make a painting, I'd quit here and take it to the canvas. The reason is that things don't scale up well in art. So, since I can plan on making fairly large adjustments at that level, it hardly seems worth while to put a high degree of finish on a project.

However, since this is a demo ... and since I can't be sure that my wife will let me paint it at all ... I'd better make a finished work of art of the pencil drawing.

So far I have only spent about 3-4 hours drawing time here. Each successive rendering will now take more time because there is more to copy.

I think I will only do two more "takes" of this cartoon and call it quits. The next one will probably be a 4 hour job. (Four hours uninterupted drawing time is a rather scarce commodity around here ... especially with my grandsons puking up all over the place with stomach flu ;o)

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