Art Project
Final Composition Adjustments

remember a little trouble from twenty odd years ago. I called it the "One Inch Head Fallacy". This is the idea that you can draw a respectable head that small without resorting to a magnifying glass. My eyes were never that good.

And yes, I could keep redrawing the damn dogs until I get them perfect but why draw. Everything is just about where I want it to be ... I would much rather "work the paint" now. That way, I would have something to show for a day's work that's cumulative, i.e. I get closer and closer to the final realization without generating a lot of trash and I don't have to do acceptable parts over again.

And I want an Apaloosa cause they're cute and more difficult to draw and "...out damn spot!" ... I don't want to redraw spots ... that's toooooo close to what "abstract artists do-do".

Final Pencil Composition?

At this point ... if I only wanted to make a painting ... hmmm ... I said that before ... I should quit and take it to the canvas.

"Honey ... can I make just one little tiny oil painting
... just one teensy weensy 4.5 foot by 6 foot monster?"

I hate to waste effort here on another drawing. Putting in flora and atmospheric effects (roiling clouds) really requires oil ... and it is terribly boring to make little doodads twice ... really it is ... hunh, hunh?

"Let's go for it" says I.

PS. I did a little computer magic to scan this pic. I saved it as a 256 grayscale so that I could manipulate (stitch together) the pieces with my puny 64 megs ram. If these pieces were saved as 24 bit, they would be about 5 megs each and I'd be disk swappin' like a mutha' ... So I put them together this way then reduced the size to what you see here (It was about 17x24 inches ... too big for the screen even). Then I hit "printscreen" on keyboard and pasted the now reduced version to MSPaint ... then I took it to my photo thingy and manipulated the contrast & color, etc. It worked out fine. - EBTX 5/18/99

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