Art Project
Know Thy Canvas

ome gesso was obtained (~4 bucks-16oz Wal-Mart) and I successfully triple coated it without shrinking it toooo much (just enough to 'warp' it a little).

Note to anyone considering gessoing a canvas:
Don't ... It isn't worth the bother. It will never look as even or good as a machine made job.
Of course, you might take the purest approach and say that an artist should be involved in all aspects of painting ... like Michelangelo. He even ground his own paint ... made and designed the scaffolding for the Sistine job (and did the plaster work to boot!).

But then to be a purest shouldn't one also cook one's own food ... design and make a bow & arrow and go out and shoot some game, etc.?? Hmmmm ... I'm thinking af a phrase ... ahhhh ... "division of labor" ... yeah, that's it.

I spent 5 hours laboriously hand applying the gesso with a 3/4 inch throwaway brush ... 3 coats ... nice & slow ... trying to "will" the canvas not to shrink. It would have been cheaper to just pay for the g-damn thing (ready made) & get it over with.

So, I'll never do that again ... learned muh lesson ... yup :o|

Now it looks like this (without the printing ;o) Hell, if I was a "modern" painter, I could call it quits now and title it
~ Eskimo in Snow Storm ~

Well, anyway ... that's done. Now on to the difficult part.
The worst part.
The beginning.
I have this to look forward to.

About 250,000 to 500,000 decisions
to create a "decent" painting

That's my personal estimate of what you need to put into an art work before it begins to look ... more or less ... 'museum quality'. If it ends up looking amateurish (i.e. anything less), I might as well forget about this whole art section ... then ... forget about the whole web site ... then ... shoot myself in the cabesa.

So I will employ the only possible method known which can overcome any lack of skill on my part. I'll cheat and just ...

Keep at it
Until I get it right

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