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Begeen the Begeen

ell, time to get the lead out [8-14-99]. This is the hardest part ... just starting the damn thing. If you have an interest in painting and you get to this point ... This is where many people hang it up thinking, "I can't do this. Who am I? I'm kidding myself. I'll just go back to my day job and no one will know what a fool I am."

Discouragement is the stage upon which all true intellectual adventures are acted out. Get used to it. Suck it in ... breathe it. It's all you're gonna' git.

This is acrylic. I'll mess around with this for a few days before going to oil.
The idea is to do all the rough work with fast drying paint and
detail with oil which can easily be worked for shading.

Gazing upon this monstrosity (1 hrs work), you might think it all but impossible to finish. Yet I know from experience that

"It'll get there by and by"
My methods (if they even qualify as methods) are irrelevant if I can make it to the finished product ... something approaching a Renaissance or Baroque style, i.e. something genuinely difficult.

I also know that I could just put a high degree of finish on a piece of junk and many people would admire it as high quality. However, I want it to be structurally sound so ... I can't accept badly drawn animalia. Fundamentals ... then polish, polish, polish (or Polish? Errr ... No).

It is at this point that I find the drawing basically useless because they just don't scale up acceptably.

That's why I just sketched in a grid and body masses (which I have to change to some extent). I clean the brush off on the background because I don't know what's going to go there yet. The paint will tell me when I need to know.
But then ... we draw to get ideas and work them out mentally. You may have thought that an artist paints with a brush but that's far from the truth ... A real artist paints with his mind. The thing is most likely already done ... in my mind ... somewhere. All I have to do now is slap it down and work out some details.

If this were not so, you would spend weeks painting over mistakes rather than quickly zeroing in on the end. Instead I'm thinking ... hmmmm ... 80 hours? Yah ... that'll do it.

Are you discouraged?

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