Art Project
Excuse My Sloth

've completed about 2 hours of work on this thing in the last month and a half. If I were doing it for money or if I was intensely interested, it would have been done in 3-4 weeks.

Well, I shall see if I can force myself to get with it this month (maybe four hours per week). I'm going to go to oil now because I am reminded of my distaste for acryllic paint ... it's fast drying time makes it impossible to "work". You put it on and by the time you pick up another brushful ... it's too dry and once set it will never disolve again.

What's needed is a substrate that dries completely overnight and remains workable for at least one hour. (Hell, I'd settle for 10 minutes.)

Consequently, I simply filled the canvas with the "junk" and used up as much as I could. Maybe one could find a use for acryllic paint but not for what anyone would call fine art.

If my "critic" thinks I can't paint at all ... this should give him some excellent ammunition for it really is ...

Truly Awful

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