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to B&W

have decided to go to black & white (two-tone) because the addition of a color is a little too busy right now. And ... I want to experiment, in the end, with semi-transparent glazes.

It takes about two or three hours just to cover the canvas with my angled, flat, 3/4 inch brush. When I have to go to a smaller brush things should really bog down. So far there is about 12 hours painting here which is what I should have done over a weekend ... but it has taken 2 1/2 months ! I should stop taken a 3-week vacation after every brush stroke. At this rate I'll finish in 2 or 3 years ... ahhhh!

At this point I'm concerned with having enough detail so as to be able to "criticize" my progress. Obviously, if you just put up globs and fuzzy things no one can say "Hey, his leg is too short!" because one cannot discern a leg ... period.

Notice all the things wrong with this very bad painting (but I fixed the angle of the back). Notice that they are noticeable. This is why artists cover their canvases and won't let anyone see them till the "unveiling" ... They look awful ... and ... you get tired of everyone pointing out the flaws that you know about and will correct in due course.

My next installment will see greater detail, more corrections, a lighter background (anticipating a glaze) and perhaps just the emergence of a "stormy" atmosphere.

This is my pallette. Cool, eh? OK then ... not cool ... whatever.

A note:
1) When you begin to paint always push the tricycles and Hot Wheels out of the way especially if you are not wearing shoes.
2) Never open a package containing a tube of paint with a razor blade.

To those waiting to see the finished product ...

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