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Just Crawling Along

his addition is also late in coming. I believe in the past year I have done about one week's worth of actual work on the thing. Well, no rush ... just as long as I get it done before arthritis destroys my brush hand ;o)

I have "discovered" a new style. Since I lack the experience to have developed any unique legitimate style (I call my present style "Kitchen Sink Style", i.e. use every method available) ... I tend to discover a new one with every outing.

This one is called "Shroud of Turin Style". The idea is to paint just the shading and not any boundaries. Eventually, the painting comes together by way of increasingly exacting shadow. Of course, I'm sure it's all been done before.

Actually, I've seen on TV and read in books the "real" plan of attack for creating an oil painting. You just paint the whole canvas at each sitting and it gets there by and by ... in spite of all the great new ideas you get for doing it better ... hah! Now, if only I could take other people's advice right off the bat. But nooooo ... I've got to do everything the wrong way ... again ...

Now, I'm just plodding along ... putting in a few details ... fixing this or that gross error ... The more detailed the thing becomes the more time it takes to put another coat of linseed oil on it. Maybe I'll finish in two more years. Let's see that'll be ~4 weeks work in three years ... hmmmm ... actually that's kinda' sick, isn't it?

Well, if I were a professional (moneymaking kind), I'd be hard at work each and every day.

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