Aol Sucks #2

his is a continuation of the previous comments about AOL's Visa Card.

I now believe (on further reflection and investigation) that Steve Case has some sort of retaliatory Skunk Works separate from other AOL workers to which he has assigned the task of "getting back" at his enemies no matter how insignificant they may be.

This means yours truly for surely I have little or no effect on the general course of computerdom's history. Imagine Mr. Case being so insecure that he has to retaliate against an individual suck page of which there must be hundreds. He certainly couldn't do it alone so he sets up a "hit" squad to do the dirty work for him without the knowledge of other AOL workers or management people.

I am forced to this conclusion because if my AOL visa was not commandered by an AOL staffer why ???

  • Why would someone steal my card number and fill out a form to set up an Earthlink account in MY name?
  • Why would a thief not buy anything really expensive ... especially when he knew he had some time before my next billing?
  • The first seems to suggest to me a young person thinking, "So, he doesn't like AOL, maybe I'll just set him up with an Earthlink account ... Hah!"

    The second is really strange. A real thief would have gotten as much as possible as soon as possible. Like perhaps a super new computer or desktop replacement laptop ... a Dell Latitude or IBM Thinkpad.

    The only charges were these totaling $153

    Visa Bill

    There are only three illegal charges (hardly worthwhile for a genuine thief)
    1) 11/28/99 the Earthlink charge of $19.95 ...
    2) 12/03/99 RJBTEL.COM for a paltry $2.95 and ...
    3) 12/07/99 Some Sporting clothes or whatever from Dick's Clothing and Sporting Goods for $130.96.

    The charges range over a period of 4 days and I didn't receive the Earthlink package (and realize that my card was being used) for another few days snailmail time.

    I called up Dick's Sporting Goods and got the destination city for clothing thinking it would go to Virginia if AOL stole it or perhaps Texas if someone got it out of my trash here.

    It went to Wilmington, Delaware . That't about 110 miles from AOL's corporate headquarters in Dulles, Virginia

    [20166 AOL Corp. to Wilmington 19801 zip code = 112 miles]

    Extremely suspicious that I could guess the destination of the clothing within about a hundred mile radius which could have gone anywhere in the U.S.A. Eh? Possible destination: a relative of an AOL staffer?

    More to follow if any more is discovered.

    Addendum (later same day):
    The RJBtel charge is to a porn site for a trial membership ( I sent them email after reading about their security commitments.

    Someone has used my credit card (now cancelled) to sign me up for a trial membership at your site. I suspect that it was done by an AOL staffer acting under orders from Steve Case (indirectly as retaliatory attack for my AOL sucks page).

    If you are really telling the truth about your claim of taking credit card fraud seriously, I suggest that you do as your site says and submit it to the FBI.

    My name is E--- B-------
    My card number was AOL VISA #---- ---- ---- ----
    Date of purchase - 12/03/99

    Ask them to get in touch with me by email if interested. I can give them more details.

    Reply to

    Final note here:

    I see where our illustrious Steve has been slapped with a big bucks class action law suit (around Feb 01,2000 or before) for the exact properties of AOL 5.0 that I dumped his service for.


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