Using the Grand Canyon

nyone who visits the Grand Canyon as I did this summer, cannot help but be appalled with the single most depressing fact of this park.

Beautiful but inaccessible

Yup ... as an American citizen, you are not to be allowed to go to the bottom of the canyon to have a look. That is, there is no reasonable way.

You have these options:

1) Take an expensive and limited reservations journey by rubber raft.
2) Take a bone jarring and frightening ride on the back of a recalcitrant mule.
3) Walk down (but it's 5 Empire State buildings hike back up).
4) Lastly, the only practical way ... jump ... and enjoy the breathtaking view albeit brief.

The only solution for 99% of Americans is this:

Only reasonable way down ... Yup ... Elevator down the steep incline ... then ... cable type car to a mesa ... then another cable car ... till the river is reached.

At each change there is shade, a restroom, scenic overlook, food & water, etc. Not enough to cause a polution problem ... just enough to be pleasant.

Would this "mar" the beauty of the canyon? Hardly. This thing is too vast. Paint it so as to blend in with the background and charge enough extra so that it will pay for itself and then some (for park maintenance).

It also needs a climbing area, a hangliding-parasailing area and a parachute jump off site (strictly fair weather and at your own risk).

The park is most definitely under-utilized. Presently it is a preserve for a couple of condors (alledgedly wild but sporting convict numbers -I had the pleasure of meeting convict #93 and #87 - and radio collars). These birds are not wild but are completely as ease with humans due to excessive handling by their saviors (and very intelligent too).

The Grand Canyon can easily accomodate what I have proposed in judicious quantity. I don't mean in any way to turn it into a Disney type deal ... just loosen up a bit. Nature is more durable than conservationists think.

However, I once made a ballpark calculation of how long it would take to fill it up with our trash if we used it for a "dump" (not including compacting which would occur to a large extent - just "fluffed volume").
Ans: ~ 400 years !

And ... get this ...

What makes the Canyon so special? ... I mean more so than any other "sacrosanct' patch of God's green earth? Right ... because men find it pleasing to look at.

So let us look
God dammit !

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