Introducing ...
a new type of restaurant

ave you ever eaten at Sam's? I mean the WalMart thing where they have mucho samples ... so much that often you can get an entire meal? That's my main reason for accompanying my wife to this store (actually, I'm the designated chauffeur).

It occurs to me that this could become a lucrative business ... IF ... we add a bit of advertising schlock to make it tick.

Like this ...

You go to the new restaurant called (fittingly)   Introducing ...

What you do here is pick up a plastic card with a mag-strip containing a number designating this particular customer along with the customers "weight".

Wait a minute ...

How do you get his weight? Isn't that intrusive? And ... what do you need it for?

Well, you get it when the customer steps on a scale after he obtains his numbered card. You have to walk over the scale to get to the food. The weight is assigned to the card in the database for that day. And, you pass by a height scanner ... and ... an employee designates the sex of the customer. Easy.

Yes, it's intrusive. We take the customers weight so that we don't have to be too intrusive. Hunh?!

Right. The customer is anonymous ... but ... we have to know something about him in order to gain marketing knowledge which is what we are in business for. If we know his sex, weight and height, we can obtain knowledge about paying customer preferences.

The "free" meal

There are hundreds of carts or booths set up by the food manufacturers which give away free samples. When the customer decides to take one, he swipes his card in the reader and gets his free sample. He can get anything he wants this way.

He may come back for the same free sample up to three times. Two means he's interested. Three means he really likes it. Four would just be free-loading. After all, we're not in busines to give away free food, we're in business to get information for these manufacturers who gain valuable knowledge prior to committing to mass production. This saves big bucks in exchange for serving up a few hundred free samples. Believe me, it's a windfall to them.

What you get here is a person who chooses a given product

... instead of ...
another ...

in other words, a voluntary choice (completely unforced and unbiased by sales and/or marketing personal) from among multiple options such as would be made in a real supermarket or restaurant.

For his part the customer and his family get a free meal and exposure to new stuff which they will be buying with cash in the near future.

Such restaurants would not be as ubiquitous as McDonald's but would fill a niche as yet unfilled by anything of its sort (except in Sam's or Costco).

Well, at least I think it's not been done before. But then, what's new? Is anything really new?

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