Market Analysis
as a waste of resources

very time there is another article about this subject ... as in a computer magazine (trends in internet buying habits and the like) ... I wonder how many people realize how useless and actually detrimental to civilization this subject really is.

The reasoning is rather straightforward as with the insurance industry. To wit:

The output of this endeavor only redirects the flow of money. It produces no net gain. At the same time, human resources are utilized here rather than elsewhere where they might generate an actual gain. Hence, there is a net loss to civilization on the second count.
Now, one might argue that the redirected flow of capital constituted a net gain since these new profits will be in the hands of superior money managers.

This is manefestly NOT the case any more than a politician is better qualified to rule on account of his having gotten himself elected. Here the art of getting elected is not relevant to the "art of rule". Similarily, those who acquire greater capital through superior market analysis are not better qualified to use that newly acquired wealth for the furtherance of civilization in general (or even for themselves).

The acquisition of wealth by guile is not equal to the acquisition of wealth by productive-inventive ability

Redirecting wealth is only beneficial to civilization when it is redirected to those of greater ability in the art of production. Market analysis merely redirects wealth to those with superior market savvy. Try taking your market savvy into the jungle and see how much it's really worth ... right ... nothing. Productive ability, taken to the jungle, will conversely keep one alive.

The means of redirecting wealth properly is called "advertising". In this business art, the consumer is simply informed of a new product, its parameters, etc. ... or ... an old product is kept in the public eye to meet the challenge of a new product in the same field.

The understanding involved in proper advertising is that the consumer will find your product if you are not hiding, i.e. you have advertised reasonably.

The proper philosophy of advertising is:
That a business wishes to offer its product in a free market of autonomous beings capable of reasoning out their best interests based on their own judgement gleaned from their own experience and the available advertising.

The philosophy of market analysis is:
That customers are mindless cattle who can be led to buy a product in the manner of a bull being led by a rope tethered to a ring in his nose. It does not view the individual as an autonomous entity.

Each business now needs to hire market analysts simply because the other guy has an edge if he doesn't hire them ... and ... there are a lot of "extra bodies" available to fill these niches since we are running out of true work (as I have alluded to elsewhere).

And unfortunately ...

Market analysis may succeed better than proper advertising because it demands no thought on the part of the consumer. "We will do it for you." But this general tac cannot profit in the very long run. For civilization to succeed as a long term project, it must generate, fuel and demand a thinking public. The proper attitude of business must always be "If the best that I truly have to offer is not good enough for the consumer, then the consumer is not good enough for my product."

If you keep this up ... you get better people ... a better civilization.

Market analysis merely "cashes in".

What has been built up over generations is brought down with each progressive new one by appealing to the lowest common denominator. It requires effort to maintain intelligent consumers but nothing to let them "backslide into the caves again".

Civilization is something you hold up every day.
If you don't do your part ... well ...

Blap !

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