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New Address Database

'm moving this week. This is one of the all time non-lethal bummers of modern living. My weekend and perhaps next will be ruined for sure. A lot of aggravation is waiting.

One of the biggest aggravations is just notifying all the necessary companies and people of the new numbers needed to get in touch with me. What is needed is a central ...

Where are you? database

For voluntary information of course. If you do not wish to participate, that's OK.

This database is compiled by the Post Office and is publicly accessible to anyone interested in finding you ... sort of like a phone book.

To make a change, you access your info with a password and change the address, telephone number, etc. so that anyone who needs that information can get it in an updated form which is accurate (because you filled it out yourself).


Now, a bill collector ... Ma Bell, Electric Utility, Rent, Cable TV, etc. ... who sends you a monthly bill, checks the database each month to see if that's your current address and if a change is made, they address the bill accordingly. No more mail forwarding for the Post Office ... no trouble at all. Your relatives who can't get you at your old phone number just look up the database and discover that you've moved ... without your having to call them special.

You just have to do one thing instead of hundreds ... just change your database.

What could be simpler?

If you don't want to be listed, just do it the old fashioned way. Most people will do it the new way and thus save the Post Office 95% of its current work load from this one problem.

Any company can download the database from the Post Office servers each month (or more often) and search on their own computers instead of over the Net. With a fast connection they could easily cache the database every day if desired. Individuals would just check one name over the Internet ... like a simple search engine.

Is this asking too much?

I don't think so.

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