Cloth Sunglasses

his particular idea isn't patentable, but I haven't seen them anywhere and I do think there is a small niche for them ... somewhere ... someway ...

It is difficult to think of anything to sell in the market which is new ... and ... doesn't cost an arm & a leg to develop. For this, you need capital of a few hundred dollars at most. The rest is marketing. Perhaps it's not a good idea but it is ... definitely ... cheap.

This is the thing ...

I had a green cap with with a bill and under the cap part was a stiff piece of cloth (a backing) designed to keep the front of the cap "stylishly up" and ... one day it was very sunny and I bent this stiff cloth down and it covered my eyes ... and ... I could still see though it.

"Fine", says I. "I have a reasonable pair of sunglasses."

Now thinking about this gave me the idea to combine this feature with an elastic headband and thereby to construct cloth sunglasses ... intentionally. I purchased a good headband, slit it appropriately and inserted the afforementioned stiff cloth material into the slit (stylishly cut of course) ... and fastened it by way of staples (the only material readily at hand). They worked quite well and looked like this.

The problem with this incarnation is that the elastic can't go all the way around since it bunches up the relatively stiff cloth eyepiece when not in use. The part to which the eyepieces are attached must be a simple terrycloth. The rest in the back can and should be elastic.

If I were of the "business mind", the next experiment would look like this ...

Now, the eyepieces are attached to plain terrycloth and the elastic terrycloth goes round the back of the head. You can flip the "glasses" up and they will stay because of the elastic.

Last notes:

  • I found that the inside of the eyepiece must be dark or else the glare off the inside of the eyepiece cause a significant loss of contrast.
  • These "things" should NOT BE USED WHILE DRIVING OR OPERATING HEAVY MACHINERY. They are "toys" for the beach or for volleyball, etc. Just walking around and for fun ... They cut down too much light. In fact they evoke a sense of "privacy" ... they're so light reducing.
  • It might be hard to find the right material for the eyepieces ... with the right stiffness and the right amount of light reduction (by means of thickness and tightness of weave).
  • Here's my proposed marketing strategy:

    Sun - Gogs

    Designed and manufactured
    by aliens

    "Hey, we gotta turn a buck
    too, ya know."


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