A Different Pointer

t present, all PCs in use have a mouse pointer that is defective in design. What is required is, specifically, a round circle with crosshairs (or rectangle). Like this...

It will be scalable (the user can control the size of the pointer).
The purpose will be to effectively make clickable words or icons many times larger in area. This will be accomplished by the pointer program.

  • The user clicks an icon with any part of the circle contacting the clickable screen area.
  • If the circle contacts two adjacent clickable areas, the one closest to the crosshairs responds.
  • In Win '95, the circle area will not activate the start bar (only the crosshairs point will activate it). This avoids that irritating difficulty of selecting a menu button without covering it up by accident with the start bar.
  • Note also that as the circle approaches the edge of the screen it must automatically get smaller or go halfway off the screen so that selections can be made precisely at the edge, i.e. the crosshairs must be able to reach any pixel on the screen.
It's that simple.

As it is now, you must put the tip of the pointer in the screen clickable area to activate the icon. This is logically equivalent to a crosshairs pointer of 1 pixel diameter.


If the clickable area is 20 x 20 pixels, you must position a regular mouse pointer on only one of 400 pixels. But if you have a crosshairs pointer also 20 pixels in diameter, you can click on any one of 1600 pointer positions which is equivalent to leaving the standard pointer alone and expanding the clickable area to ~1600 pixels (a little less since the new square will have rounded edges).

This system will be superior to the present one in its ease of use.

When am I going to see this?

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