Planetary Transfer Protocol

his is the name of the new, minimal web. Not a bloated monstrosity (although we can have that as well).

Actually, four web-related protocols are necessary. I mean, four types of web browsers are called for, each with its own methods.
These are:

  • The minimal necessary for "Webbery"
  • A medium size for most business needs
  • Bloatware size for gamers and those with T-connections
  • An experimental web for those who want their browsers to crash on "the cutting edge"

Why more stuff ?

Actually, its going to be less since 90% of the people will use the minimal web.

You may have noticed that 90% of the operations of the web are programmed by 10% of the code. This is the way it is in just about any venture. Most of the "bloat" is never used. It's just there in case you need it.

Like all that stuff in your garage/attic/closet which prevents you from living "free & easy".

Junk accumulates to fill available space.

Why is that?

Well, you have extra space to put things in ... that you might need some day. So you do just that. You put some things in there. But when the allotted space is used up, do you throw out an old item that you might need to make room for a new item that you might need. Of course not. That wouldn't make any sense, would it?

You just reassign some of your living space as "extra" and put it there. Eventually, you feel the pressure of all that extra junk. It makes you miserable. Man needs to be free ... comfortable as well as secure. The security of all that "just in case" stuff is bought at the price of your "sense of freedom".

This is familiar.

It takes about seven years on average to accumulate enough junk to be miserable. It doesn't seem to matter how much space you start with or whether you're a business or private individual. This is why people move ... they need more space ... and they use the move as an excuse to "trash the accumulated crap" of their lives. When the Web is officially 7 years ... look for trouble.
Business has come up with a solution. It's called "just in time". It depends on getting just what you need when you need it. No storage. This takes some faith in the other guy ... but it works.

The solution on the web is to provide an alltogether different structure to which "the geek might repair". These people need their own "perfect" space. Lean and speedy but offering more than old style internet text.

It is in 'geek' space that pressure can be brought to bear on the next higher web structure. For, if geeks rule on the minimal structure, the majority of the people will go there as well ... forcing business to keep the second level under control.

You see how it is now. The web has no reasonable competitor so it's going 'bloat'. There is no other place to go to vote with your feet. Just text based webbery which is inadequate to visually oriented animalia such as we.

In general then, the minimal web needs to retain the "library atmosphere" that has developed. No audio is necessary at this level. No games. Just text and graphics of limited size. No movies ... just enough animations to get the point accross. Email ... but no cgi. All 2-dimensional no 3d. Frames & tables ... yes. This is 90% of the Web as it is now, was, and always will be. All the other stuff is excellent "extras".

One thing that a minimal web code needs which is not presently available is a "virtual click" so that chains of actions can be initiated. All the simpler javascript stuff that people often use (like activating two windows in a frame setup & displaying the "last updated" or selecting randomly, onclick, on mouseover, timers, i.e. the stuff that gives it true display-programming functionality) needs to be replaced within the context of standard PTP://code.
And it needs optional code like <c> for <center>, etc.
Minimal needs its own browser and ptp://code.
Leave http:// for the second level.
And 3dtp:// for gamers who actually need "heavy guns".
Last is xtp://for experimental stuff. Let him who dares ... enter.

A new Web is needed to separate people into competitive groups. Not a replacement. Not something "subsumed" by http://. Completely different and ... absolutely, positively incompatible with http (but not ftp).

Competition will keep us in good shape.

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