html mass file layout management

f you have ever set up a chat log on your site, you know what a .gbt is and what it does. A similar feature is your ability to choose the default background, font, pics-no pics, etc. to be used on your pc and impose it on every downloaded page (regardless of what the web author intended).

What I would much like to have available is an extension of this idea for web developers.

What I am talking about is essentially this:

When you go to a web site and don't specify any particular file your browser automatically looks for a file "index.htm" or html and loads that. If not there, it loads the contents of the specified folder.

Would it not also be advantageous to have the browser look for a file called "pagerule.htm" which contains the body-tag information to be used in all htm files in that folder?

Then, regardless of how many files you've made, you could change the "look" of your site by simply altering the pagerule.htm document and re-uploading it to your server.

After some experience with such a gizmo, I see it containing other instructions as well (as for frames, etc).

One could change everything without opening each file separately and no new JavaJunk or AtiveXlax would be necessary ... just plain old browser code that's already at least partially written anyway.

Yes ... wouldn't it be loverly?

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