My Computer Friends
assorted accumulated totems

verybody has these "things" accumulate on or around their computers. I don't know where some of these came from or even what they are. But ...

They're heeeeeeeerrrre

compbuds.jpg - 35kb

I got them all to pose for a group portrait except for that blue uniform, 'freeze' guy from the "Incredibles".
He said, "I ain't no whitey". I suppose he didn't want to be the token black guy. But hey, it ain't like that on my desk! I'm equal opportunity. Maybe he'll come around for the next photo op when he gets used to my desktop ... he's the "new guy", you see ... and hasn't yet found his special place.

Anyway, in no particular order ...

  1. This is the Batmobile from the first Michael Keaton film. I had wondered why Hot Wheels didn't make this for several years. Then, there it was ... so I grabbed one. Subsequently, they made other Batmobiles but they were modified ones. I got the original.
  2. Here's a new addition. It's a combination "God-on-a-rope and rectal suppository" ... from a co-worker's trip to Honduras.
  3. One of my first guard dogs. Pumba (w/ Timon). Cuz shit happens to your computer and there's nothin' anyone can do about it. Hakuna Matata.
  4. Space Guy. I don't know where he came from or what he fell off of. I only know he won't go away and he doesn't talk much. He stands up well though ;o) Perhaps he's waiting to assist me if I should get all spaced out one day, eh? ... It could happen ...
  5. Very important member ... Finger Frog. One of the oldest members of my "team". He eats bugs. Any kind of bug.
  6. Patrick (stolen off my nephew's birthday cake cuz' I didn't want any of the other kids to get him). He exemplifies my inner state most of the time. Duh!?
  7. Don't know what 'dat goin' bee. Where do he come from? How do he bee here?
  8. Target Man. Arrived long ago. No pedigree. He stands stoically waiting for more Hate Mail ... Yeeeehhhaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!
  9. My 10-year pin from work. Threw out the 5-year cuz' it was plastic. This one is made of real base-metal with a flake of ruby! Wow! I'm off to the pawn shop sure. I'll pay off the mortage, ma. Don't worry. We won't have to sell the farm ...
  10. Porpoise Phil. I found this in the grass at work and told everyone that I'd finally found a porpoise in life. I still have that porpoise, so I am redeemed. Praise the Lord!
  11. Eraser Pig ... one of the original settlers. What does he do? Keeps my printer from running out of oink. 'Nuff said.
  12. Glow Bat ring from some Halloween. Don't know when or why it's still here. They do eat bugs though. Or, maybe I'll marry a vampiress!
  13. Poor Spidey!. I had a posable figure which even had posable fingers. But my grandkids busted him. All I have left is the head.
  14. A stray Chubby Checker. It checks my email for viruses. Coal before fire! I go first.
  15. A Leftover Bug for the bug-eaters to practice on.
  16. Extra Frog ... in case finger frog gets freakin' full.

I suppose there are many such menageries on the Web. If you don't have one, you are leaving yourself open to all manner of attacks through your computer ;o)


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