New Computers

hhhhhhhh ..... Mmmmmmmmmmm ..... Yessssss !

"I love the smell of Gateway in the morning."
There is nothing like a brand new computer to make a man feel goooooood. I can see now!

Goodbye 14" monitor ... Hello 19" (cheap but beautiful) KDS!

Goodbye 14.4 modem (what have I been missing) !

And then there's the extra speed.
333 celeron (the one with the 128K cache) Yes, they do work just fine and a real bargain ... no ... value. That's what I want ... value not just speed. Today's best 450 will just be another hog next year. And since I can't go out and buy a new computer every 6 months ... no matter what I get ... it will be a hog soon enough. My advice to anyone who isn't rich is to buy a computer that's about 6 months off the cutting edge when the price has come down significantly.

I got 64 mb installed but plan to add 128 mb more if the need arises. Gateway wants only ~ $2 per meg installed but by the time I go to get more, the price will have dropped probably to $1. With this easy open mid-tower case, I can put it in myself in 2 minutes. My last Packard Bell came with 8 mb installed and I added another 16 when the price collapsed from $50 per mb to $10 per mb ... now it's $2 ... tomorrow $1 ... day after tomorrow .25 cents?

This new Gateway w/6.4 gig 64 mb and 333 celeron will ... after I get back my $50 rebate from KDS ... will cost me over $200 less than the P-Bell and is about 8 times the machine in every category.

Limit to Monitor Size?

How big can a monitor get anyway? There is a limit. At some point people will begin to move away from the screen thus rendering the extra size useless, i.e. equivalent to a smaller screen size. I have a 35 inch TV but find myself watching it from the kitchen table.

I don't think anything greater than ~30 inches is possible for a monitor (and that's stretching it). More likely, 25 inches is about the practical limit. When the screen is the same width as the keyboard look for a final stop to size increase. Also, resolution can't go on indefinitely as this makes no sense either. If the resolution is too great you will have to get real close to the monitor to see the finest detail and that is equivalent to making the screen larger. Six of one - half dozen of the other. My 19" will do me for the remainder of my life if it holds up that long (or short!).

Limit to CPU speeds?

There are practical considerations.

Foremost among them is at 333 mghz, what do I want to do that requires more? If I played games ... yeah ... more & more speed. But at what point do you decide that better graphics doesn't make a better game? That point is rapidly approaching. There are only so many basic game strategies and that's the end of it. Most are inane (from the adult point of view).

At what point is the reproduction of reality going to be at odds with the alternative ... go outside and play baseball, football, soccer ... get laid for real? Actually, nothing at all will ever approach the satisfaction one can get from the real thing. This is what we're made for after all.

The original intent of computer games is to "isolate" properties from the real world so that we can focus our attention on them without the distraction of the rest of reality. The best game I ever played was a primitive contest between two onscreen cartoon gunmen who tried to shoot one another and could hide behind a covered wagon or a rock. It required that you assess the psychological makeup of your opponent and "catch" him with his guard down. A successful game must allow you to make your opponent "feel bad" because he has had his mind beaten (not just his physical reflexes).

I agree with this general statement.
"The actions required of a computer should occur in the blink of an eye"
This is solid thnking for 99% of what we want to do with the device (not so for the other 1%, i.e. high tech cad and real time scientific modeling).

For what I do, 333 mghz is fast enough but 56.6 modem speed is not. All I really need is a 1000K modem and more sophisticated programs which make better use of what I've got.

And keep making everything smaller
... except the monitor
... I mean screen size not depth.

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