The Deadweb

hat happens when we die? You're never seen again. OK ... what can we do now to ameliorate the inevitable? Well ...

We could keep something of that person alive on the Web ... a little text (written by the deceased and maybe a few jpeg pics). What would it cost? How can we make a Web for the Dead?

And ... most importantly ... who will pay for it?

Advertising Shlock !

Like this ...

  • You go to ... hmmm ... and visit the 3d cemetery ...
  • Select a plot ...
  • Design your own headstone with a Java Applet (downloaded at this site) ...
  • Get a read and a write password and open your crypt into which you place whatever document or pics you want.
  • You are limited to, say, 100K for 100 years free internment (guaranteed).
  • Your crypt is open to the public only when you make it available (for instance by writing your read password on your headstone)
  • If you die before you open your crypt to public display, your executors will do it for you. If you have none, your crypt will be opened when ... hmmmm ... your age would be 100 years (you're assumed to be dead then).
  • If you want more space ... you pay extra for it. Ahah ! ... the hook !
  • To give every person on earth 100K of space would be only

    6,000,000,000 x 100K = 600 Terrabytes

    Not too unreasonable since we will only need initially ... maybe a couple hundred gigs (even if widly popular). With increases in storage capacity, it may be that your crypt would never be erased ... statisticians and historians would like this data mine I think (and future relatives too).

    If you want video ... say a couple megabytes ... what would be the appropriate charge? ... A hundred bucks? This is pure gravy.

    You need a searchable cemetery of course. Maybe a virtual celebrity bus tour.

    Here's my sample headstone.

    I really hope something like this comes along before I die because I could put my main stuff in the

    and I could still make it accessible to anyone who wanted to read it for decades to come.

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