Bill Gates
A Time to Retire

've got a bone to pick with this guy. In the past I've defended his "throne" when under siege by the federal government. But now I must withdraw my support due to the accumulated weight of evidence supporting the opposite. Namely, that the Internet and computing in general would be better off without him.

So, I make a public appeal to him to step down and voluntarily retire from the computing business. He should take his billions and run his charity thingy ... where he won't be a hindrance to further developments which are sorely needed in this most important, new, human endeavor.

How is he getting in the way?

To show that he is getting in the way, I don't have to dig up evidence. This is not a court. I need only demonstrate that he is manifestly, willfully, insensitive to the obvious needs of computer users ... and ... that he has obtained to the delusion that "he alone" knows what's best for "us" and is prepared to "shove it down our throats" regardless of our preferences.

Having shown this to be the case, it must then be clear to all those who have some living experience, that he must (privately) be up to his neck in all manner of shenanigans which cause harm to the computing enterprise in general ... i.e. he has become no better than Steve Case ... a "money-sucking clown".

I here give one example which gives credence to the above ... Who leaves their computer on all the time?

I don't.

And why not? After all Mr. Gates wants us to live in a world where we are permanently "attached" to the Net. He has said as much over and over. It's what's best for us ... isn't it?

I turn my computer off for several reasons.

  • It makes a God-awful racket (the fan). No one thinks to "underclock" the dam thing so as to make it usable without a fan. This is "not-innovative".
  • The operating system can't sustain itself for more than about three hours before collapsing for one reason or another (less if you're playing games). It absolutely must be restarted periodically to maintain its integrity ... and everyone knows it ... except Bill Gates?
  • Always On ... means always open to "attack" ... through the OS or more likely ... Internet Explorer.
  • I don't want any electronic object on all the time unless it's a clock ... period. I am not the property of the internet or of my computer (although my wife may dispute this ;o).

And here is the proof of the case in point.

You cannot access previously viewed pages while not connected to the internet. Nothing. Zip. Nada.

This functionality has gradually been lost. It has been willfully subtracted from the browser/OS capabilities in order to force us to "connect" ... because Mr. Bill "knows" what's best for us. If you want to view off-line previously visited pages, you must get a third party plugin.

What is un-arguably a basic job of the browser has been made ... un-available.

That the browser can do this is proven by the fact that it used to do this (though not all pages were available offline ... just most of them). The functionality was (to my recollection) removed gradually with successive renditions of the Microsoft OS.

Think about it.

Today's user typically has a vast desert of unused gigabytes available on his hard drive. Why could we not just click an option to save for offline viewing, say, ten gigs ... then the browser would start to delete the oldest ones. You would also have the option of saving file types. At ten gigs, I would never lose anything covered by html, shtml, htm, asp, jpg, or gif.

Here's the math.

I download on a typical day about 1-2 megabytes of "stuff" ... not much by surfing standards. At 2 megs per day, I can download for 5000 days (close to 14 years) without deleting anything due to breaching my self imposed 10 gig limit. I probably won't live 14 more years.

And, at the present rate of hard drive development, I certainly will never, ever run out of space to save static web documents. It makes no sense whatever not to save one's surfing to disk for later offline viewing provided that you have the option to delete (and shred) your surfing ... by time spent, i.e. "delete the last 1 hour and 16 minutes of porn searches".

Mr. Gates is shoving this "Always On" thing down our throats whether we like it or not ... because he knows what's best for us. You will have no say in this or any other matter related to computing for the duration of his "reign".

Mr. Gates ... take down this wall !

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