Ebtx Dictionary of
Non-Existent Html Tags

here are good reasons for not including most tags into the browser program. Millions of them might be made up to do a variety of tasks but millions would severely "bloat" the browser's code. We want to put in only those things that are commonly needed ... while leaving the rest to Javascript, i.e. give the browser the capacity to understand a programming language and use that in turn to realize the millions.

Yet there remains a quantity of useful tags which do not exist

Ergo ... this dictionary of non-existent tags to which the reader is invited to add. Email me or suggest a tag in my D-Board forum and I'll put it in if it seems reasonable.

Here are some for starters:

  • <start> </start> This is a start button for clicking on to start an animation, movie, sound clip, etc. After you click on it it turns into a "stop" button. Parameters - size, background gif or jpg (in between tags), etc. This is available in costly programs but I want it for free in html code ... dammit!
  • <justify> </justify> How long do we have to wait for this. Justified text is no problem for even the cheapest word processors. Come on now!
  • <gifchop play=f1t50, f5t100. f1t200, f2t35, f3t80, f4t100, f5t70, f6t100, f3t50 loop=20> <image="corker.gif" > </gifchop> This gizmo would chop up an animated gif file and play the individual frames in any succession for any time period. Should be made to work with jpg's too. (Used with above "start" button). And ... I don't want to pay for such an elementary thing. And ... it needs a sound file to play in synchronization. This will never happen as long as Compuserve wants proprietary rights to gif89a files.
  • <frameset or body tag ... scrollbar = left, top> Or left, bottom or top, right ... bottom, right is default. When can we align the scrollbars in html pages on the opposite side? Never? This code has got to be really simple!
  • <pagerule> </pagerule> My personal favorite (makes sensible that CSS and XML crap). You make a page in every folder called pagerule.html and the browser looks for it just like it looks for index.html when you don't specify a page. But, it looks for this file even when you do specify a page to find the layout rules, etc. for that folder. If it finds none it uses the rules given in the page itself as usual.
    You don't need to make a separate pagerule.html for every folder if you want the entire site to use the same rules. Instead, just put a pagerule.html file in every folder with a path to the uniform pagerule.html and it goes there to fetch it and interprets the page as per those instructions. Thus, to change the look of your entire site it is only necessary to change one document. And you don't have to open and reload every page to insert tags ... just use those that are already there.
    <pagerule >
    path = .../pagerule.html
    </pagerule >

    Or ...
    <pagerule >

    <body> = <body background="q6.gif" text="black" link=#eebb00>
    <c> = <center>
    <xt> = <p><b><u>
    </xt> = </u></b><p>
    <fs> = <font face=EdwardianScriptITC, Verdana size=6>
    </fs> = </font>

    Well, you get the picture.
    And, you might call a javascript from here or insert a big "something" on every page. As long as you have indicators on each page. It would then be a good idea to prepare each page with judiciously inserted presently meaningless tags so that you could make inserts later.

    And ... there is another thingy that comes to mind immediately.
    <1 -- body> = <body background="q6.gif" text="black" link=#eebb00>
    <2 -- body> = <body background="q8.jpg" text="black" link=#aa2200>
    <3 -- body> = <body bgcolor=#eeeeaa text=000044 link=#335500>
    If "Options" are found in pagerule.html, a splash page comes up and gives the viewer a selection. For instance, the above background styles ... or ... hmmmm ... frames - noframes? ... etc.

    And ... there are always "exceptions" ...
    All "frameset" pages = yes
    These exceptions could go also in the pagerule.htm in that particular folder if desired.

    Addendum 11-23-01:
    This tag would preload the next indicated page in the background while the viewer was looking at the one with this tag in it. That way it would be ready for viewing instantly upon request since it is now in the viewers ram.

    Send me suggestions
    if you have a particular bone to pick
    concerning missing html tags
    that you would like to see.

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