for red L.E.D. mouse

ureka !! ... I've finally found it
At last I have a mousepad that will not skip and slides properly. It's been a year of searching and now the game is over. And the solution is ... plain old generic vinyl ...

Floor Tile

I had some bright, green, beautiful, (but shiny) floor tile that I bought at Lowe's for 98 centavos each. But the mouse skipped because of the shiny surface. Now, I bought an unshiny floor tile for 44 cents and it works great. It's quite thin (about a 32nd of an inch) which is why it's cheap. And ... bonus ... it has stickum on the reverse side so that once you've decided on placement on your desk, you just peel off the paper and set 'er down ... forever. It's also 12"x12" which is plenty big enough for a mousepad. The surface is mildly textured because I've found that a perfectly smooth surface causes some drag and the coloring is textured so as to provide the necessary differences by which the LED mouse detects movement. I'd guess that you could shop around and find one that matches your personal decor and preferences at any number of tile places. Don't pay more than a buck ... no Chinese import needed here ;o)

I'm using it now. What a relief! My black desktop won't work with my red L.E.D., Microsoft, unwired mouse. I have been frustrated to some extent ever since I bought it. I've used all sorts of placemats and whatever ... but nothing was ever completely satisfactory till now. Apparently, all that manufacturers make is the old standby, rubber-ball mouse pad which is almost extinct.

floor tile mousepad

Now, when everyone has a "laser mouse", we won't need anymore mousepads.
But I bet they keep making them anyway ;o)


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