Table Backgrounds

his is a matter of some concern in the bandwidth problem area. Netscape does not honor the table background gif or jpeg as does IE4. (They do now in Netscape 4.0 - ebtx 1/6/99) Only uniform colors are permitted. The result is the plethora of g-damn buttons on every mother's son's web site. Sometimes there are dozens of buttons where a combination of one button and text (in tables) would do.


Why are we
Stuck with
So many
When one
Will Do
Kit Kat
Give us a break
You see?

Isn't this more sensible and considerate of the viewer and the Web in general? With a little more design planning, I could make an absolutely great looking web site that loads like lightning.

Please spare me the ordeal of clutter (read ALL computer company sites and Search engines). One button with text on it ... not 50 separate little gifs.

This button gif is only 1.33 K. If I were to make all those buttons separately it would be 16 K. This page is therefore about 15 K shorter with no loss of aesthetic or functional value. Also, the browser goes to "fetch" each gif separately which takes 12 times longer for 12 buttons.

Enough already ! ........ :o)

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