The Web's Political Focus

hy is the Web (all Netizens) so politically impotent? Almost 200,000,000 people (the most intelligent group at that!) and they can't accomplish anything more than "Let's spam the bastards!" or "Let's darken our Web pages in protest!" ... Oooooooooooh.

Every web surfer has much in common with a typical Texas pickup truck driver. They are, in general, oblivious to others and act as "individualistic rogues" ... going where they will ... taking no directions ... obeying no suggestion ... unable to do anything which might be called "group" activity.

Yeah ... that's me ;o)

Now, I think it is well understood by any reader to this page that no political action can occur without group involvement. In America, the individual is politically impotent by the nature of the "democratic" process, i.e. the mass vote.

Will the internet community be forever without "muscle"?
What is the reason for its lack-of-attack?

Observe what the TV people accomplish. They can make anyone a star (or an authority) overnight. Their secret is longevity. This medium has been around for fifty years and knows its business. They know which buttons to push and when and for how long. Unfortunately, though they are able to achieve goals almost instantaneously, they haven't got a clue about what goal to pursue. Hence, they pursue ... well ... blowjobs. I think the net community will display better judgement when they finally mature into a less wild & woolly bunch.

At that time, perhaps 20 years down the line, a number of focuses will develop much like those in the outer world ... a "focus" being ... a subject upon which numerous people agree and these people have the maturity to subdue their own individualistic impulses ... at least to the extent that some one of them will be able to "lead" the rest to effectve political action.

Until that time, politicians can simply ignore us with impunity.

This process of development is the same as the development of any infant. First, he observes that he is the center of the universe (right - no matter where he is ... it's the center!) and expects everyone else to follow his dictates. After years of disappointment he realizes that everyone else is thinking the same thing and that some sort of "cooperation" is called for if any progress is to be made in the pursuit of his goals (the goals which require help from others). He makes adjustments ... compromises ... follows when he would prefer to lead ... and the job gets done ... more or less to his liking.

The Internet will become the most powerful political action "army" that the Earth will ever see. It will just take a few more years ... or ... decades.

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