and other wrong headed ideas

conspiracy is afoot to "depersonalize" the Web. I mean, to make it impossible for the average person to construct a web site. It goes by the name of Java, Javascript, Cascading Style Sheets and now ... XML markup language. The basic idea here is to complexify coding so that it requires several hundred hours of diligent study to learn the "language of the web" rather than the present ... what? ... one hour?????

If the proponents of these and other ideas yet to come have their way, you will see a gradual transformation of the web into a wholly commercial enterprise. No more "kook" sites ... no more personal pages ... just "Buy it here NOW!".

They say that HTML script will be supported for "many years into the future" because so many hundreds of millions of pages have been coded in this venue ... Q ... how many is many? ... 5? ... 10? You can bet it won't be too long since most personal page makers will continue to use html just as it is and the powers that be W3C, MS, etc. will be thinking ... "No matter how long we support HTML they will continue to code in it, so why not just stop now?".

When they stop supporting it, you will have just two options

  • 1) Lose your pages
  • 2) Learn an ever increasingly obscure code to keep up with the changes. (It won't stop with XML)

What possible reason is behind this?

The reason has to do with "programmer psychological sickness", i.e. the need to be considered important by others (a common enough affliction). Programmers view themselves as the elite priests of the digital age. If their "schtick" were made accessible to any Joe Blow, they would be unimportant. It's as simple as that. So they will continue to ask for (and get) more complicated code to manipulate in order to stay ahead of the herd.

A Fundamental Difference between HTML and any Replacement

One difference noticeable immediately is that when you do something in HTML ... regardless of what you may have done wrong ... something happens ... a change in the page is made. One often might think, "I didn't know you could do that!" ... a serendipitous mistake leads to knew knowledge.

In say, Javascript for instance, you make a mistake and you get just cryptic error code like "syntax error" or "object not defined" or some such crap. If you don't know how to debug the code ... you have nothing at all. This is something desirable to the professional programmer. "They need me because only I know how to debug this! ... I'm important!".

Html 3.2 covers just about 99% of what anyone wants to do on the web. They're going to flush this down the tube to cater to programmers who want the other 1%.

"We can't properly position our layout on the page ... wahh, waaaaahhhh" You've heard them crying this for some time ... then these idiots produce a page that's horribly cluttered and impossible to navigate. No wonder they can't position the layout ... they can't do ANYTHING AT ALL !?!

This has happened before

It happened to Basic programming language. I remember getting a hand held programmable computer from Radio Shack in '85. $100 w/1K of memory (upgradable to 2K). You could actually program the thing and that's just what I did. Not 3D games ... just little math programs with maybe 30 lines of code. You can't do that anymore. Basic is gone. You need to invest a few hundred hours in one of the advanced languages in order to accomplish the same thing.

I'm disgusted with these people. They ought to get acquainted with the insurance, lawyer, politician thing. Maybe there's gold here.

Note to Tim Berners-Lee

Add anything you want to browser capability ...
But some simple version HTML must remain supported ...
Forever ...............................
(3.2 would be just fine)

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