Book Review
"The Christ Conspiracy"
The Greatest Story Ever Sold
by Acharya S

his book will be a revelation to anyone who believes that Jesus Christ is the only begotten son sent from God to save us from our sins. The fact is that such a person never existed. Acharya S has done a service to forensic anthropology similar to what Euclid did for geometry. She has pulled together all available materials to reveal the inner workings of perhaps the biggest folly of Western man.

Reading "The Christ Conspiracy" brought to mind the picture of a hockey game in which one team didn't show up and the other ... instead of just taking the forfeit ... played the game anyway, shooting pucks into an open net. Long shots, slap shots off the glass, lofted shots, behind the back, through the legs, etc. Some shots miss but ... you get the picture.

I don't think that she is being unfair to the Church by not representing their views because ... they simply don't have any. That is, they have nothing to say to bolster their contention that Jesus was a real, flesh and blood human being 2000 years ago. If they had such evidence, they would have produced it long ago.

I would suppose that they do have, in those underground vaults, plenty of evidence that their enterprise is a sham (as serial killers keep trophies) but you're not going to get to see that ... nor will anyone else with less authority than an Italian cardinal from the "old school".

Her story in brief ...

is that Jesus is a made up character like Pinochio who entered the world as an historical figure ... ex post facto ... around 150 CE (the Common Era). He is the creation of multiple "Christian" sects flourishing then, which predate what is presently understood to be Christianity. Their purpose was to make a state religion for Rome ... to subsume all other religions by taking parts of each and all to construct the "ideal bastard" (with a thousand fathers). They placed him in the past, circa 30 CE, calling him the "real deal" and refined the scam for hundreds of years thereafter.

In fact, the Jesus myth is simply a rehash of Solar myths, sun gods, Zodiacal stars and luna-tics. It is as old as time and is manifested in virtually every culture on Earth to some extent. The same generalities are apply to the Jewish religion, i.e. no real Moses and lots of mythical figures.

Some excellent things I learned here (or re-learned because I just forgot):

  • That when one religion replaces another it generally takes the previous dominant gods and makes them subordinates of the new god (or apostles or prophets)
  • That the ancients knew the world was round and revolved around the sun (only some forgot during the self-inflicted, church-sponsored, memory lapse)
  • That the fish symbol on the red-necks cars down here in Texas represents the "Age of Pisces"
  • That St. Paul is also not a real person
  • That there are Zodiacal images all over, under and around Christian churches (who profess it a sin to believe in such things)

Acharya S ties up her bundle with a thousand strings that lead to hundreds of other truth seekers, principally from the last two hundred years ... from Thomas Paine to Gerald Massey to Earl "The Jesus Puzzle" Doherty. This Reverse Inquisition has been going on for that long, intermittently, without my knowledge because I have never investigated the matter before.

I was born and raised a Catholic ...

I became a "born again" athiest at 14 and never looked back. But I never questioned that Jesus was a real person. I simply assumed, for want of seeing any opposition, that he was some sort of Jim Jones type who did a few tricks, had some groupies, and became a big shot ... post mortem ... through the artifice of those who came after and thought of him a useful idiot.

Apparently this is not the case. Christianity is a willful fraud perpetrated by experts in the manipulation of pliable minds. It is dangerous only if left unexamined.

My guess is that if all who presently regard themselves Christians read this book, half would gradually abandon their churches and the other half would refuse to believe the obvious truth even as some believe that OJ is innocent ... and ... Osama's tape has been electronically altered. There are none so blind as those who deceive themselves.

An earlier global civilization

Near the end of the book is a chapter on the evidence that some sophisticated civilization predated even the Egyptians. That evidence is as well known as it is dismissed. I for one subscribe to it as a realistic hypothesis. What put me into that camp was the evidence (West and Shoct) that the Sphinx is much older than it is presently ascribed to be.

It has been covered with sand up to its neck and uncovered a several times in its long history. And ... it shows clear evidence of water erosion on its enclosure when ... there hasn't been significant rainfall in that neck of the woods for thousands of years.

And ... because the head is (artistically speaking) way too small for the body, one must surmise that it has been recarved at some time when the body was under that sand.

Therefore, I must assume, as a working hypothesis, that the Sphinx was once just the figure of a reclining lion facing the rising sun on the bank of the Nile thousands of years ago.

And finally, on pg.395 Acharya states that,

"The Zodiac in the temple of Dendorah in Egypt begins with the sun in Leo (the lion), which would make it 10,000 years old, although the temple itself is evidently only a couple of thousand years old"

... implying that the culture that built the Sphinx might just be that old.

Criticisms and Suggestions

The last page of this book is numbered 431. Within those many pages are approximately 50 zillion names of Gods, sects, mythical people, real people ... I needed a scorecard. Maybe a few pages of maps showing where the hell the Levant is. I only know where Oscar Levant is ... dead. And ... on those maps where the relevant deities, etc. were empowered. And ... a few similar maps for the "when" of things. Men like to see maps. Their understanding is primarily visual.

Also, the phrase "As noted, " and similar ones were too numerous. Most of these could have been omitted without ill effect. What are the signs of the Zodiac on the front cover? I know some but not all. There were at least 5 typos in the book and one on the back cover. (To criticize I am left with only nit-picking ;o)

And I don't like purple books.

I suppose that some people will declare this to be a rant ... but it is most definitely not. I know what a rant is. I make them on occasions. This book is 99.7% scholarly and 0.3% rant, i.e. a few genuine rant paragraphs. But I expect an author's bias to show through somewhere. And how could one not be biased by a fable that has caused so much destruction through the ages?

On some occasions, I was tempted to "fast forward" to get through some fairly boring passages about the linkage between this or that god to this or that sect or subsect derived from this or that word in this or that language ... but I didn't because there were many tidbits of information which I wasn't aware of, or had forgotten, seeded throughout the book. To miss these would have ruined the best part of the read. There was some sort of revelation about every 10 pages or so.

I enjoyed this work immensely in a purely intellectual way and recommend it without qualification to anyone on this planet seriously attempting to develop an intellect.

Final comments

We must remove this "blackhead" from civilization even though it will leave a hole. We must trust in our true nature that the hole will flatten over and leave us free to view the world unblemished.

It is time to put away these foolish things
and take up the responsibilities of a man.

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