A Review:
Suns of God
by Acharya S

his is the second book on the subject of the origins of the earth's religions by Acharya. "Suns of God" is to "The Christ conspiracy" as Normandy was to the subsequent supply and manpower buildup after the initial invasion. Here is the infrastructure that supports the ongooing philosophical warfare. It is a context in which future battles may be fought.

If you weren't fully convinced by the Christ Conspiracy, this opus should drive the nails into this coffin with expert finality. Much of the book seems to drone on like a disliked, onerous, but necessary job. I read it cover to cover, skipping nothing. In fact, I looked forward to reading a dozen or so "soporific" pages each night before going to bed. What a pleasant way to make oneself drowsy. But don't get me wrong. It's not boring ... it's just drones on and on like a machine dismantling absurdities. If I had found it boring, I would have stopped reading or skipped huge sections. And ... there are moments of revelation as well that I wouldn't want to miss. Any tedium is the result of constantly reiterating and re-referring to the names of the gods. And they are legion.

It's a necessary job.

There are many other books about the non-science of religion ...

But I prefer the "crusader" approach. Hence, I would rather read Ayn Rand's fiction about philosophy than some dry exposition of "just the facts" (unless it's only a synopsis). Acharya, by being a crusader for the rational study of mythology (inclusive of all religions), reveals, by her style, her biases so that the reader can accurately judge when and where she may be covering up any fact that would embarrass her case. I found no such willful covering up. Indeed, it is the religionists who do (of necessity) all the covering and chicanery in this genre.

If I had the power to do so, I would loot the Vatican archives and hand the papers and "junk" over to the likes of Acharya and several others to examine. Then give the stuff back to the church after making copies of everything (of course). What a hoot it would be! To have all that she says in her book supported by centuries old evidence hidden in the pope's vault.

What it's about

Suns of God is about the mythological underpinnings of Buddhism, Hinduism and Christianity. The examination of Buddhism and Hinduism is simply to provide a standard of falseness which one can use to critically appraise Christianity (the main target of her books). Like Ayn Rand, who thought that Russia was the worst dictatorship in history (because she had to live in it) ... Acharya thinks that Christianity is perhaps the worst religion because it is the primary religion of America and she has been thus principally exposed to it. This modest bias is understandable and does not hinder the exposition at all. It simply adds a little spice to a pretty much dry topic.

Since most Christians/Krischuns/Kristchins don't believe that Buddhism or Hinduism is the "revealed word of god" ... if one plays to this disbelief ... it is possible that some borderline Christians will see the parallels with their own beliefs and cause them to re-examine them with a critical eye. This strategy is a sound one and should cause many to "turn the other cheek" ( ! ) and walk away from this filosofical fraud.

Acharya takes the position that Jesus is a mythological character with no physical existence in history even as a skeleton to be fleshed out by myth. The references to the "real" Jesus that are used to support the position that Jesus was a flesh and blood historical figure are all revealed to be fake interpolations (for the umpteenth time). Most of these supposed proofs of Jesus/Hesus/Joshua's existence are so poorly done as to be laughable yet the church still trots them out century after century with the understanding that it's flock has no collective memory (it is erased on an ongoing basis and "refreshed" with the current "correct" thinking).

An important book

I place Acharya's work in the league of the non-fiction works of Ayn Rand, Edward Gibbon, Alexander Solzhenitzen. They are books that I deem critical to understanding one's position in history. If everyone would simply put forth the effort to read all these huge works ... hmmmm ... fat chance ... the world would be a much nicer place to live in.

She has one more thing to do ... Islam ...

You can buy her books at Amazon.com any day of the week ... cheap ... they deliver to your box in just two or three days ... dependable. I don't think you can buy this book in Barnes & Ignoble though ... maybe online. Read it and get a good night's sleep ... and clean out your brain.

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