Easter Message
to all the world's religionists

his Easter let us remember that there are other options concerning what we must do with the one life we possess.

-   Just   -
because    someone
hundreds or thousands of years ago
took a dump by the side of the road
doesn't mean that you have to
stop there too ... and eat it.

Spit it out and move on.

If you are addicted
or inured to eating shit
you must vomit it out and
begin your life anew by taking up

The Responsibilities of a Man,

chief among them being,
the maintenance of
an independent mind,
that looks out upon the world
accepting it for what it appears to be
and  contemplating  it in the  light  of

Reason , Guided  by  Experience.

But if you have digested it completely
and been, in turn, consumed by it
your only option is suicide.
For no man may alter
the core of his being

Thus, you may make room
for a new generation unfettered by

Iniquitous and Preposterous Ideology.

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