Intelligent Design
a misguided controversy

his "pother" has gone on far too long. It is such a small thing that can be quashed by any rational being ... and routinely is ... but they put it back up like the carnival booth ...

"Knock down the three pins and win a prize ".

This is an unbelievably bogus reasoning to a subjective purpose (putting a rational foundation under superstition) with no basis other than a refusal to accept the obvious.

If you want to get a real feel for the intelligence of the designer ... read this little book ...

The Cartoon Guide to Genetics

It's short, with plenty of hand made drawings depicting with overwhelming clarity, the absolute randomness of this supposed intelligence. I have never personally seen any work on any subject that so thoroughly "reeked of randomness". We can see without understanding the why's ... that no one's "hand" played a symphony on the spheres in this very, very small venue. If you can't get the feel for what's driving evolution ... well, you wouldn't notice a brick hitting your head either. Unless, of course, your God's name is "Chance" ... which is what most people worship anyway ... that's why the "true believer" always buys multiple Lotto tickets.

Here is Nature

... lumbering along year after year after year ... century after century after century ... millenium after millenium after millenium ... epoch after epoch after epoch ... just bumping into whatever ... and going in different directions ... like a RoboVac sucking up dirt on your carpet ... or whatever happens to be in its path.

Those who believe in the intelligent design always ignore the "design" at the molecular level because it makes no intuitive sense at all. There is no mechanics there that anyone recognizes ... no hammers, nails or screwdrivers to make houses or cars or airplanes or even a modest road. Nothing is obvious in a manner that causes one to say, "Ah, yes, that obviously wouldn't work any other way". It could-would-should ... work ... in many other ways. It just happens to work this way rather than that ... for no reason whatever. Unless your God is a pair of dice.

It's the simplicity ... stupid

Intelligent design advocates say that things like the eye are just too complicated for nature to make ... it must have been guided by the "Maker of all things". Well, here is my eyepiece ... and "I" believe that this is the way it happened. No need for the Designer here. Doesn't it make more sense than the universal -

"God did it"

It's the simple things that take the longest. Getting cells to stick together as a single unit in colonies so that division of labor can take place ... rather than as single cells wandering about like the above RoboVacs looking for a meal (every man for himself). Hundreds of millions of years go by and ... seemingly nothing ... till, all of a sudden, there is an explosion of apparent creativity. It's just that a major hurdle has been conquered and "life" can move on ... randomly ... into unchartered areas ... where many unexploited possibilities (nitches) are available. Translated ... the RoboVac has broken into another room where it hasn't been before and there is much new dirt to pick up.

These people would say that differential geometry is more complicated than addition and subtraction. Well then, why did it take man tens of thousands of years to understand the concept "add" ... but only a couple centuries for him to encompass tensor calculus? See what I mean? It's the same in every subject ... and these people can't see it ...

or won't

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