The Shallowness of
Religious Fundamentalism

he recent attack on the London subway system brings to mind the terrible shallowness of the perpetrators and the religious ideals from which they spawn. Here the terrorists have no agenda ... nothing to ask for or bargain about. What they truly want is to be "important" ... to occupy the minds of millions of others whom they deem to be more significant than they. Now, they are powerful because you are talking about them. Religious principles are simply the verbal justification which allows them to lie to themselves about the true nature of their acts ... evil, murder, as an end in itself. In other words, the "ideal" they seek to attain is simply the same ideal that moves all other religious loons ... the vision of their own corpse.

But what I really wanted to address ...

is the terrible shallowness of Joe Average religious nutcase. Just look at what they deem to be of great importance ... what occupies the center of their attention.

  • Abortion - This is their most serious issue. Here, millions of "potential" beings are terminated each year. They are willing to "kill the killers" rather than let this pass. They focus entirely on the low percentage, fringe of the abortion trade ... the killing of near term fetuses. This is all an unfortunate business but I have no ready made solution. So, I am willing to leave it to the doctor and patient. They are not so willing. They demand that all those millions of unwanted be raised to full term (18 years) then set free on the public to do what the unwanted are likely to do. Never once have I seen them offer to put up the cash to pay the "unwanted's" way. They never put their money where their mouth is. It's a serious issue ... but no matter what is done, it won't make a hell of a difference on this planet as it now stands.
  • Embryos - Now, here is an non-issue if there ever was one. A few cells are to be given the status of complete human being. If you showed them the embryo of a rat, they wouldn't be able to tell the difference from a human being. They simply assert that the human glob of cells has a "soul" and therefore deserves consideration.
  • Stem Cells - Same as above. As soon as a cell is fertilized, it has a "soul" and is therefore fully human. Well, what a fertilized cell has is just the genetic code of a fully functional human being. So, what are they saying when they say "soul"? A soul to them IS that genetic code. A human being consists of his body while his entire mental history is meaningless. You are no more today than when you were "fertilized", i.e. you are a hunk of meat and nothing more.
  • Evolution - Back to the Bible, the ultimate source of "truth". Only old men with dirty robes who lived two or three thousand years ago know the truth. Only they have access to the one, true God. So, every contradictory thing they say is the word of God. Man was made on the sixth day and that's that. Their minds are not closed ... they don't have one to close to start with.
  • Flag Burning Amendment - They want a constitutional amendment to stop people from torching a piece of cloth. This is to trivialize the Constitution in order to subvert it that it might be taken over by higher religious "values".
  • Gay Marriages - Another non-issue. What possible difference can this make? We have an argument which amounts to words written or spoken ... not actions ... just a hypothetical "state" of marriage. Why gay people want this is not understandable to me anymore than why they shouldn't have it. I just can't give a damn one way or the other here. This is not a headline issue to me. It belongs on the back page ... not the front.
The chief concerns of the religious right (the fundamentalists) seems to be any issue that doesn't have any significance in the real world .. nonsensical fluff to occupy the minds of those who only pretend to have a mind. Since they have given up reason for faith, they need something to focus on which requires no thought.

And that is the ultimate reason why people need religion ... to spare them of the necessity of structured thought, i.e. thought with "rules" ... which is to say, thought guided by actual experience in the real objective world (not the subjective world of religion where things are never what they obviously appear to be).

Human beings were meant to think. That's why they have a big brain. You don't defend yourself in the wild by bashing your head into predators ... you are supposed to out-think them.

A Definition:

Human Being - an animal which is capable of "forced induction" but which does not perform that function.

Man - an advance over "human" ... an animal which does perform the above function.

Forced Induction - the attempt to find answers by focusing one's mind on the problem and thereby formulating a theory about the way things relate to one another within that problem ... which then ... sometimes ... leads to a viable solution. Forced induction is the only means man has by which he can advance his cause on earth. It is faulty, but when it does work, those who follow are forever advanced by the results of someone else's reasoning. No religious zealot ever advances the cause of man in such a manner. Rather, they would seek to erase that which has been already attained. They would like to see another era wherein religious principles rule the day, i.e. another dark age ... with lots of corpses.

Real Problems

The real problems which oppress man in this century are the degradation of the environment caused by over-population and the failure of political theorists to advance government so that it might cope with all the ongoing and upcoming problems ... a government that can accomplish an increasing degree of integration in civilization. If these two problems are not solved rather quickly, we shall experience another extended dark age. In other words ... what we fail to head off will be handled by mother nature's brute force method.

But no religious person will generate any solutions here. Their focus is on trifles.

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