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04/27/36 ----------------
  Does anybody know the best way to pull this dent out of my rear plastic bumper? Somebody left it for me while I was sleeping. It would cost tooooo much to get it perfectly fixed. I just want to pull the dent out and do a little sanding and touch up on it. It's about a quarter inch thick plastic I think.


04/14/36 ----------------Matrix III
  I just rented this movie last weekend. What the hell is the matter with it? It was an excellent action movie. It had the best CG battle yet (and a verrrrrryyyyy long one at that!). Yet, it was panned as almost worthless and bombed at the box office.
  I have to assume it was because the main characters died at the end of the movie. But their deaths are inevitable and completely within the zone of the script/story. If they had lived, I would have regarded it as bowing to the popular requirement that all heroes must live happily ever after. I guess that's what everybody wants to see in a movie, eh? Pure pap?
  One significant problem I didn't get. In "Reloaded" the Architect says that this was the 5th installment of Neo and that the others behaved in a different manner with an outcome favorable to the machines. This means that objective reality was not portrayed in any of the three movies. So, how is it that Neo dies? In reality, he hasn't been portrayed at all. Hence, for our purposes as an audience, the "real" Neo is still in a pod dreaming about being The One ... and ... all of Resurrection is still in a computer generated world. I don't think there will be another Matrix movie, so, what was the whole thing about. I must assume that the machines are still in charge of the "real world" for why would they release the pod people if they were all satisfied with their present lot, i.e. Zion is saved and a new beginning takes place without a Neo or Trinity? I don't get it ... but ... it was a hell of an action movie well worth the price of admission if I had seen it on the big screen.

04/01/36 ----------------Car Insurance
  Today I was shopping for car insurance online. I went to Geico for one (that's the one on TV with the little gecko lizard). Unbelievably, their quote program does not work! After spending 5 minutes giving them info ... I filled out yet another page of questions about my car. After one car there are Q's for car #2 and car #3. Because I am insuring only one car, I left those blank. Does this not make sense?
  Well, another page came back saying that to complete my quote they need info about #2 and #3 !? I re-did the entire process again just to make sure that I didn't inadvertently make an error somewhere that caused this. No go. It still wanted info I haven't got. Apparently Geico isn't interested in your business unless you have at least three cars to insure. Needless to say they won't get my business ... on principle.
  I guess they can afford millions for nationwide TV ads but can't spend $20 bucks an hour for a programmer. Well, that's the way it's often done in America.
(Or maybe it's an April Fool's joke?)

03/18/36 ----------------Jesus Movie
  Last week I went to see "50 First Dates" in a theater that's also a restaurant, i.e. you eat your meal while watching the offering. Anyway, also in the theater on another screen, they have "The Passion of the Christ". Now, how do true believers handle this?
  "Waiter, could you please bring me another slice of pepperoni pizza before the crucifixion. And hold the anchovies."
  Do they barf up all that cheezy food when the really cheezy parts of the movie come up? Do the employees clean up the barf with religious fervor? I've got to go see this movie. It should be worth an entertaining web page at least ;o)

03/06/36 ----------------EBTX Renewal
  Just renewed my domain name "" with Network Solutions. $99.95 for five more years. I don't know if I'll be around that long ... but I don't have to worry about changing my logo ;o)
  This week, I'm getting over 2000 visitors per day. In '96 I was happy to get just 20 in a day. I guess the longer you stick around the more your numbers go up ... provided you are somewhat entertaining. Thanks to you ... for making it barely worthwhile to maintain this site.

02/16/36 ----------------EBTX' heart soars like a bird
  At last, I have found my inspiration. These cheap reading glasses given to me por nada, have a pocket clip built into them ... just like a ballpoint pen. This is truly amazing and is the first instance of common sense I have seen in the eyeglass industry which, of late, I have been sorely disappointed in.

eyeglass clip

02/15/36 ----------------Snow
 For Valentine's Day we got snow here in north Texas. This is the greatest amount of snow to have fallen all at once in the last 12 years that I can remember. It must have been at least 4 inches deep as I scraped it off my car and it was 3 inches deep even after having melted for a few hours.

record snowfall 4

  It was all gone by the end of the afternoon. Kids actually made regular snowmen instead of the "Texas Midgets" they usually make. It was ALL GOOD PACKIN' stuff so I suppose there were many snowball fights as well ;o)

02/07/36 ---------------- Very Cute
  I recieved this in my email at Yahoo. I get about 300 pieces of spam per day and about 8 slip through the cracks such as this obvious credit card scam. I wonder if anyone got fooled?

_Dear OnlineCitibank Members,
_This _email_ was sentt by_the_ citi_bank _server to veerify _your _e-mail_ addres_. You musst cplemote this pocsres by clicking on_the link below and enttering in the smmall window your CITIBANK Debit_ Card Number and PiN that you_use in local Atm machine. That_is done for Your perctotion -h- becourse some_of_our memebrs no lnegor have acecss to their email adrdseess and we must verify it.

  (email address omitted for your protection ;o)

01/26/36 ---------------- Open Range
  I saw this Kevin Costner film this weekend at my stepson's house and recommend it to anyone as an excellent rental. It is one of the best western's ever made. I've been trying to think of a better "shootout" in any cowboy movie and I've come up with nothing. It may well be the best ever done ... probably is.
  Costner appears to have watched with great interest "The Outlaw Josie Wales", "The Unforgiven" and some Discovery Channel specials about "real" cowboy shootouts and added to it his own dimension of human insight from "Dances With Wolves" to make something of enduring value.
  Hope y'all see it soon, pahdner.

01/23/36 ---------------- A Man and his Dog
  The Martian "Rover" which no longer functions is a rolling advertisement for manned space exploration. If there was an astronaut with that "dog", we wouldn't be in the position of having to ponder what went wrong. We could just instruct the 'naut to give the pooch a kick in the ass and it would start right up again as most delicate computer appliances do ;o)
  But seriously, why should we send a machine to do a man's job? Because maybe a man could be killed? So what? We're all going to die anyway. Why not die in an interesting enterprise like the exploration of our solar system? And ... you just might live. After all, those technicians are trying to bring you back alive ... not kill you. If there was a 50-50 chance of not coming back, do you really think that men would all be deterred? Plenty would volunteer. They would even volunteer if their visit to another planet was designed to be "one way".
  Enough with the machine gliches. Let's get on with it.

01/11/36 ---------------- Bad Driver Precognition

  This morning I was awakened by a bad dream. I was driving in reverse (about 40 mph) on a snow covered multiple lane road, checking out "tests" that might be administered to Texas redneck pickup truck drivers to determine whether they can drive well enough to get a license.

I was passed by a red pickup truck and at the same time both my tires blew out and I got off at the next exit to find them shredded beyond recognition. This is when I noticed that there were small caliber bullet holes in the body around the wheel wells. Apparently, the driver of the pickup truck had shot out both my driver side tires and I mistook the loud "pops" for blowouts (thinking ... wow, what a coincidence, two blowouts at the same time).

  What brought on this dream was an incident the night before wherein a red pickup truck cut me off from an exit ... drove right up to my back bumper (within a foot) ... then as I tried to get into the right lane, pulled out to the right and passed on the right with total disregard for safety or common driving courtesy. Of course, I honked my horn and informed my wife (between expletives) that if I had a gun I'd have shot the bastard ;o) ......... Hence, the dream no doubt.

  But that's not the end.

  After getting up and ready this morning, I took my wife to her job. As I pulled out into the "busy" road ... here comes up a red SUV (i.e. covered pickup truck in Texese) and I see it's maybe going to rearend me at about 60 mph!! I immediately took the center lane of three and the SUV was in the right hand lane going 60-70mph (in a 40 zone at a blind intersection where at least 3 people have been killed in the past 3 years). I watched it in the rearview mirror and saw that though it was about a foot into my lane, it was moving back into the right lane apparently under control.

  But as it passed me ... about another 100 yards up ... it drifted off onto a curbside entrance and over curbs which caused both of his right side tires to blow out ... POW! POW! ... and they proceeded to shred apart completely (just like my dream). It looked for a moment like he might flip over or some other really exciting car wreck thing. Interestingly, the driver continued on to the next entrance to the freeway as though somehow the tires would magically re-inflate and he could go on with his business. Of course, this was not to be the case and he gave it up about 3/4 of the way up the "on ramp".

  I don't know if this was a drunken guy or a gal on a cell phone.

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