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08/23/38 ----------------
  Got a new computer on the 20th. It's an HP m7560n with AMD dual core 4200 ... 2 gigs of DD2 memory and 320Gig hard drive. A "media center". Now I can put my home movies on DVDs for the wife and save them for "posterity" ... whew! now they won't be lost ;o)
  I'm going to get a 21 inch LCD screen too ... either a Gateway or HP ... both have good reviews and I can just about afford them (on my credit card of course!). Then I shall be able to cruise in style ... with dialup. :o( For the time being, I'm getting a KVM switch so that I can use my old comp on line and "save" my new computer from spyware and adware and whateverware which has somewhat disabled my old computer.

8/8/38 ----------------V for Vendetta
  I bought this DVD last weekend thinking that this movie was something mediocre because of reviews I'd read online. I should have gone to see it at the show on a very large screen with great sound. This was an incredibly good movie. Someone spent a great deal of time and effort to do the dialogue that lives up to the story. This is what Ayn Rand would call "dealing with essentials". She would have liked it as well I'm quite sure.
  Mr. V is not a terrorist either. A terrorist is NOT an idealist (as "V" was depicted). A terrorist is first and foremost a psychopath, i.e. a murderer who kills for the purpose of destroying good as an end in itself. Such people always crop up in unstable situations like the Middle East to take advantage of an opportunity to slaughter on a grand scale. A genuine freedom fighter never targets innocent bystanders. Hence, those who rule in a totalitarian state can hide by surrounding themselves with such innocents. Unless his opponent has a means of getting to him selectively, he cannot be harmed. A terrorist, on the other hand, will not be deterred by an innocent blockade because the slaughter of innocents IS his goal. The ruling party is just the excuse to attack on a larger scale. In normal times, the terroist goes by the name "serial killer".
  This film is good enough to get into my all time top ten. Thank you, to those who made it happen.

06/25/38 ----------------Lone Star Park
  Went to the horse races yesterday ... first time. I intended to make at least $5000 because ... I AM GREAT ;o) Instead I ended up $3.50 in the hole (although I was at one time up by $71.50 because my wife picked a winner). We were invited to a birthday party in an air conditioned suite (where the big shots go). This is definitely the way to go to the horse races. The people outside at track level were roasted alive. I tended to bet on horses that seemed a bit lively in spite of the heat. In general, this was true but not enough to profit by.
  They had a computer system in the suite where you could bet after you bought a voucher at the counter outside. I got a $40 voucher and proceeded to make $5 bets at the rate of 10-15-20 dollars per race of which there were 11 total. One time I bet $5 on a single horse to win ... another $5 to place and another $5 to show. He came in second so I had two winners. After adding up my winnings and subtracting the $15 ... I ended up with a $1.50 profit :o( ... not enough to bother with, eh? My wife's horse that won paid $88.50 so that's where all the extra cash came from (and a couple other minor victories).
  I doubt that I will go again since I am not too interested in gambling. But horse racing ... at the track ... is certainly more enjoyable than getting a Lotto ticket at the 7-11. It's up close and personal and you can pretty much depend on picking a winner sometime during the day. In fact, though all the adults at the party didn't do shit ... the 11 year old son of the birthday girl picked the $1 trifecta and walked off with $1300 !! Of course, his gramma had to claim it and he wasn't legally entitled to bet but what the hay? We all congratulated him and I said,
"Enjoy this 'cause it will probably never happen again in your whole life.".
I never won nuthin' ... just a stinkin' old Eddie Mathews autograph baseball bat in the cub scouts. Waaaannnhhhh!!

05/22/38 ----------------Tires slashed
  I have been victimized. I went out to my car after work Friday at 12:30 AM and found two tires slashed. I was all alone in the dark figuring that "they" would be back to steal my 2001 Honda to strip it for a few thousand dollars worth of parts at the local chop shop. At least I hoped they would come back so I could slit their throats with my box cutter ... army style. Unfortunately, nobody came ... probably because they were waiting for me to give up, go home and come back in the morning to get my car ... which would no longer be there. I think that the junk yards out on Jefferson are running low on Honda parts for circa 2001 which are now coming into demand and they probably want to replenish their stock. Certainly nobody would steal my car for resale.
  I had to inconvenience relatives and drive 3 miles on one spare and one flat tire ... and paid $124 to Discount Tire on Saturday morning for new ones. One of them that they slit was only 3 months old. Oh, well ... it's only a fraction of what the government steals from me every year! The real thieves just do it IN YOUR FACE. Is that better? ;o)

04/16/38 ----------------EBTX is 10 years old
  This month, my site is 10 years old. I guage this by the appearance of my site on the AltaVista search engine which was the top dog back in '96. My site was "up" for several months before that but it couldn't be found by many people outside of AOL until formally listed on a search engine.
  In keeping with the "moment", I've changed my format somewhat and gone to a no-frames configuration because nobody really uses or needs the frames page. And I squished down my background graphic so that it wouldn't interfere with the text. Gee, I'm clever. It's unfortunate that I can do that only with the index pages. The content pages all have a graphic "q6.gif". I wish I would have used a .jpg graphic but it's too late now. I can't very well change that on hundreds of pages and reload them to the server ... or can I? If I decide to migrate to 1&1 ($4.99/month) from the overpriced Verio ($24.99/month), I may do just that.
  Wait a minute! Bummer! My "anniversary was in February. I took a look at my log file from that year and my memory is messed up. I first got on Lycos ... then came InfoSeek and Yahoo and much later AltaVista. Lycos was the top dog then. God, I'm gettin' old :o(

12:53 AM 2/22/96 start CyberYak.htm
12:57 PM 2/22/96
12:58 AM 2/23/96 start obsndefs.htm
1:16 AM 2/24/96
11:39 PM 2/24/96 Uploaded obsndefs.htm & propgov.htm
4:13 AM 2/25/96
11:53 PM 2/25/96 Lycos shows my Web Page!
[key words ---- origin universe]

2:16 AM 3/18/96 natex & naman on infoseek; counter 116

11:09 PM 4/19/96 yahoo shows ?
5:28 PM 4/20/96Propgov on yahoo _Liberal_

12:44 AM 8/28/96  counter @ 1207 :( 4in4days?
2:52 AM 8/31/96
counter @ 1217
3:35 AM 9/3/96 counter@1228 uploaded Miscfiles >AltaVista
12:23 PM 9/4/96 Everything is on Altavisa!

03/15/38 ----------------New TV Channel
  I've seen a TV channel (digital) ... ch 8.3 here in Dallas that just shows a scene from somewhere in Dallas or surroundings. It's apparently a live feed of just buildings and some cars moving. Sometimes it's the airport ... other times it's a cityscape. There is no logo in the lower right hand corner. Nothing. Nada. And no sound. What gives? Somebody's got extra bandwidth to throw away?
  Why not put a camera (with sound) in the zoo. We could watch the lions get fed and hear 'em too. Or the baboons or great apes. How about the elephants? Why not set it up at a boat launch and see people putting their boats in the water, etc. What about a municipal aquarium? The possibilities are endless. Calm scenes of people and animals just living. Even guys working on a building could be soothing if you don't have to do the work. All of it interesting in some way for a short while at least. "What is that?" ... "What's he doing now?" ... "Look at that dummy!" This could be a new thing in TV viewing ... nothing special, no commentary, no explanation. You watch, figure it out yourself.

02/26/38 ---------------- 100,000 Miles
  Today I put 100,000 miles on my 2001 Honda Civic. They told me that these things just run and run and run as long as you change the oil. I have to say, that's true. So far in five years, I've only changed a few tires, wiper blades, air filters, two brake pads and got the transmission fluid changed. Even the muffler is still original as well as all the lights. It has never failed to start or left me stranded ... and ... it gets decent mileage too (31-33 mpg).
  It only had a 36,000 mile warranty but that's OK if you never need it anyway. The only bone I have to pick is that the seats are too hard (on purpose I surmise ... to get you to upgrade). I had to put a pillow to keep my back from aching. I purposely left the accumulated mileage on the odometer instead of the mileage for this particular fuel fill up so that I could watch the numbers go from 99999 to 100000 ... even though they are now all digital and not near as "exciting" as the old analog rollers. Unfortunately, I saw only 99998 then 100002 due to my wife distracting me from the "important" business of watching the odometer. Well, life's a bitch, eh?

01/17/38 ----------------Door Reminder
  I'm getting old. So ... I need this ... really.
  A voice recorder that's connected to the front door. When I go out the door (leave the apartment) ... as I open the door ... the recorder says, "Don't forget to get the stamps at the post office" ... or ... "Get some milk before you come home" ... or some everytime things like ... "Have you got your cell phone?".
  It would have two recording formats ... 1) always say this and 2) just say this for one day then auto-erase. To make a recording, just push one of the two record buttons and speak. To erase, push and hold one of two delete buttons till your message comes up and asks "Delete?" then push the enter button. Easy.
  There's a little spring thing that fits behind the door hinge. When the door is closed the connection is cut. When it opens it completes the circuit and the recording comes on and does its thing (also there is a repeat button if you want to hear it again). This way, when you leave, you get your message ... or ... you get your wife's message who left before you got out of bed and so forth. We're here talking about a cheap item in the $10 range. The recorder will be right next to the door so you won't lose it or fail to hear it.
  This is a real winner. Low cost and big market. Something for an infomercial or a "as seen in TV Guide" special.

01/02/38 ----------------King Kong
  Happy New Year. Took the grandkids to see King Kong (twice) over the holidays and Narnia also. Narnia is a kids movie (maybe chicks too). It was a bit too tame for me but generally OK. On the other hand, Kong was excellent. All you have to do is suspend all your scientific and engineering baggage for the span of three hours and it's really quite a roller coaster ride.
  This can be hard to do since Kong is a biological and physical impossibility. Imagine an ape just scaled up in all its features as well as all its behavior. They completely ignore the fact that weight goes up with the cube of height increase while the strength of bones goes up as the square. So if Kong is 24 feet where a real 400 pound gorilla is 6 feet standing tall ... well, Kong must weigh 4x4x4x400 = 25,600 pounds ... or, about twelve tons.
  Whereas the strength of his skeleton would go up only 16 fold, i.e. his bones would crack under the stress of rapid movement. Also, his eyes are too big. The biggest eyes you'd ever see on a mammal are those of blue whales and they aren't that much bigger than a man's ... because what's there to see unless you're going to let Kong see in the infrared (no a bad idea)?
  A bigger problem is the strength of the Empire State Building. I can assure you that the facade of that building was not reinforced to hold 12 tons of ape. If such and animal existed and attempted to climb ... the facade would give way immediately like it was styrofoam. No climbing unless Kong can get hold of the girders which hold up the facade. And no walking on the roof which would immediately cave in. But what the hell ... it was a great movie. I enjoyed it immensely and recommend it to anyone over the age of 8 years. Younger kids will get nightmares because lots of it is really threatening.
  PS ... Even scarier than King Kong is the Burger King commercial where the BK happy face guy is staring in some gal's window and reaches in to give her a tiny (to him) burger. I really get freaked out by the Burger King. He's the scariest thing I've ever seen in my 57 years.

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