The Mercedes-Benz
Headlight Wiper

ave you seen this little gizmo on the Mercedes-Benz? When I first saw it, I was amazed ... then I thought, "There must be some fundamental economic principle behind this."

After all, Mercedes-Benz is a big responsible company. Isn't it? Then ... how could such a God-awful stupid thingy get on a sophisticated car? Don't they have a chain of command at Mercedes? Is everyone out to lunch? Even God himself couldn't justify the existence of such a device.

Only the military could buy such a useless piece of junk ;o) So what's the story?

Please don't send me any justifications for this thing. I won't dignify any supposed rationale with a comment or explanation.
Well it took awhile but I finally managed to figure it out. They have so much money, they literally don't know what to do with it.

The pursuit of luxury

This is where all the "increase in productivity" for the last fifty years has gone. Not into your paycheck. Not so that your money will buy more. Not in a shorter work week for you.

Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo ..................

They're spending it to employ engineers in the designing of

Nothing of Consequence

Another example was the ill fated turning rear wheels. They turned with or opposite your front wheels in order to make tighter turns at slow speeds and quicker, safer lane changes at high speed. Anyone who looked at it knew it would take an enormous amount of engineering savvy to make this thing work and the payback would be absolutely miniscule. Who needs it ... Richard Petty? Mario Andretti?

It was stupid from the get go ... yet enourmous sums were spent. Your share of that decades in coming ... productivity increase which you never saw.

This is what your sweat buys. People employed to ... hmmmm ...

Sound & Fury Signifying Nothing

Luxury items, i.e. useless stuff. Doodads to amuse the rich and easily impressed. You're looking for a set of tires to keep your car going and they're putting


Because of this ...
I would not consider buying a Mercedes-Benz (not that I could possibly afford one) because I would have to think, "What might they have done to the engine, drive train, suspension, etc.? What other potentially dangerous things might they have done out of sheer stupidity?" Sorry, I don't trust you anymore Mercedes-Benz.

You've lost your mind.

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