The Nature of
Capitalism & Money

he Evils of Capitalism ... Yes indeed, they are legion. But you can roll them all up into one ball called INDIFFERENCE. That's what people are about when decrying starts. You do know that ... don't you?

Well, that's the way it should be given that capitalism is, in fact, a "machine". Sure, it has people operating within its domain, but the thing taken as a whole, is just a simple mechanical device ... a "virtual" machine if you will ... like a Java interpreter. It resides on the U.S. hard drive but has no specific, necessary place or physical parts.

So, as a machine, it has no feelings and just tries its best to give you what you actually want (not what you say you want ... rather what you really want, i.e. are willing to pay hard cash for).

If you want bread ... it gives bread.
If you want cars ... it gives cars.
I you want bombs ... it gives you bombs.
If you want porn ... it gives you porn.
If you want drugs ... it gives drugs.
And on and on and on and on ...

Of course, some people don't want something that others want. It gives to those who want. If those who don't want it try to stop the others from having it ... capitalism finds a way to circumvent (legally or illegally).

Just like the Internet trying to deliver an Email ;o)
Attempts by rabblerowsers and dogooders to denounce capitalism are actually hilarious. There's nobody there. Some "capitalists" will listen and make half-hearted accommodations (for public consumption) but do these people realize that they're kicking a vending machine? They are ridiculous! No one controls this machine anymore than they control the Internet. All they could possibly do is try to kill it (their true intention anyway). But they seem to stupidly insist that it has a consciousness that can be intimidated.

I assure you ... it has none.

What is Money?

Just what are those greenbacks in your wallet? Why do we need them (in this particular form)?

A dollar bill is best thought of as, and it's meaning is ...

$ervice Note

"The bearer of this note has done physical and/or mental work conducive to the maintenance and furtherance of civilization and is entitled to trade for goods or services in the amount set to that note by the general free market of that civilization."

So when someone hands you a dollar, you don't have to question how he came by it or whether he's worthy ... you just trade on faith that in general he hasn't stolen it. This is an excellent way to do business ... assume everyone is honest and forthright until proven otherwise. It is also the easiest way to conduct commerce.

This is why the American dollar needs no gold backing it up. It is backed by the

Full faith and credit
of the American people

The purpose of a gold standard is only to prevent counterfeiting (by the government) which in effect steals from the people and demeans their credit in the eyes of the world through inflation. Well, I personally don't think this would stop them.

Theives will find a way ...

Stopping them requires their complete replacement with honest men ... that's all that will do it. (See the rest of this site.)

In fact, what is happening now is another of the biggest swindles of all time. Your government is counterfeiting your money in diverse ways without causing inflation in the homeland. It is demeaning your credit in the world at large by selling ... tadah !

"Essence of Stability"

Yes, the greenback is a sort of magic talisman throughout the rest of an unstable world. Their own currencies are so bad that anything with even a hint of "fixed worth" is hoarded like gold. An American dollar is something to hide in a mattress for old age or emergencies (like when the local currency is inflated beyond usability and you still need to eat.)

What the American government "inflates" is sopped up overseas and taken out of circulation thereby preventing inflation here. A penny-pinching prophylactic.
Compliments of the "Rubber Barons"

And, yes, they have electronic ways of doing essentially the same thing ... but it is the same thing. Other countries send their "goods and services" to us and we, in turn, send them green paper for which they are eternally grateful.

And this is the best scam of all ...
When the "scamee" thanks you profusely
for giving him "crank up the whammee!"
That's why I would like to see a

World Currency

After all, our money is becoming the world currency by default anyway ... but nobody is getting anything in return for it ... and we are losing jobs which is an inevitable consequence of having too much wealth (or false -essence type- wealth). Why work if the suckers accept just paper in return? But the lack of work will kill any country much faster than too much work.

Look what happened to Spain with the New World gold ... straight down the tubes ... hasn't recovered yet.

If there were a world currency:

  • Each country would get its "fair share" and start from there.
  • No counterfeiting ... or war is made by everyone else on the counterfeiter.
  • If you buy much and produce little, you run out of money and your people will be willing to work for less so other countries will hire the "cheap labor" in your country.
  • There can be no "balance of payments" problems in principle.

When am I going to see this?

Hey, Satan! ... throw me another snowball ...

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