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Nature of Existence - Flash Edition

I shall add pages as I make them (starting 9-16-00). This may take 6 to 12 months but it will get done by and by ... and I enjoy doing Flash animations!
If you are interested bookmark this page. Whatever is new will appear here.

Intro Page (9-16-00)
Movement (added 9-20-00) (revised 9-22)(revised again 9-23)
(added some sounds 9-24)
Position (9-26-00)
The Positional Field and Isotropic Grid (9-28-00) (9-29-00)
Postulates (10-02-00)
More on Postulates (10-03-00)
Composite Objects (10-07-00) (10-09-00)
Placing Objects in the Euclidean Grid (10-13-00)
Nature of the Euclidean Grid (10-16-00)
How many things? (10-19-00)
Interaction (10-30-00)

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