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Nature of Existence

For Young People
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Latest Additions
Ebtx' 150-page Book
The Fundamental Postulate
What Constitutes Proof?
Validation vs. Proof
Current View & Preconceptions
My Methods of Inquiry
The Anthropic Principle
Building Blocks
In Conclusion
The Beginning
Identity, Form and Interaction
What the Universe Really Is
Time and Space
Structure of Space
Average Distance Between Points
Unit Measure
Fundamentals of 3-Space
Expansion of the Universe
The Big Bang as a Robust Theory
Reflexible and Reorderable Systems
Mass, Inertia and Momentum
Determinism and Causality
Entropy, Thermodynamics and Information
Quantifying the Earth's Gravitational Field
Gravity Shielding
The Speed of Gravity
Dark Matter, Missing Mass
Dark Matter Mechanics and Accelerated Expansion
The Origin of Charge
Why there can be no Exotic Dark Matter
Tension in the Isotropic Field
Pioneer 10 Deceleration
Physical Review (letter to)
Dark Energy
Accelerated Expansion of the Universe
The Chipmunk Effect
Letter to Ned Wright
Newton Principia: sXIIpLXXtXXX
Electromagnetic Interaction
Positional Field
Isotropic Field
Uniform Accelerations
Ellipsoidal Field
Photon Model
Proposed Photon Experiment
Logical Foundation for this photon model
Electron-Proton Mass Ratio and Fine Structure Constant
Electron g-factor
Weak Interaction
Nuclear Force
The Electromagnetic and Gravitational History of the Universe
CPT Symmetry
Parity Violation
CP Violation
Black Hole T-Symmetry Violation
Gravitational Orbits and More T-Violation?
Fermions and Bosons
Mathematical Relationships Between Constants
Planck's Constant
Notes on the Special Theory
Notes on the General Theory
Twin Paradox in a Euclidean Manifold
The Foundation of Quantum Mechanics
Logical and Mechanical Interactions
The Bell Inequality
Uncertainty Principle
Schrodinger vs Heisenberg
Particle Masses and Lifetimes
Particle Masses - Current Speculations
Non-Interval Probability
The Quark Express
String Theory
The Elegant Universe (book review)
Logical Principles
Scientific Methodology
Miscellaneous Observations and Calculations
Theories With No Hair
The Relationship Between "pi" and "e"
The Plantlike Character of Logic
The Long Term Fate of the Universe
The Quality of Nothingness
The Relationship of Finite to Infinite
Alternate Universes
End remarks
Rejected Part of Intro to My Future Book
Contradictory Evidence
The Wall
Language as a Tool
Latest Entries:
Broken Conservation Laws
Relativistic Rotating Sphere
Polarization Experiment
The Expression of Rotation in Geometry
The Nature of Collisions
Quantifying Earth's Gravitational Field
The Basic Construct
Quantum Parameters in TVFs MetaModel
Galactic Jets from Black Holes
Curved space (Riemann's problems)
Metaphysics Posts to TVF site
Field Tension Relief by "Matter Clumping"
Set Theory
Speed of Gravity - Revisited
Request for Photon Experiment
Ex Nihilo
Properties of Accelerated Expansion
Wave-Particle Duality
Parallel Universes
8) to: TVF My reply
7) TVF Replies to above
6) Another objection to TVF
5) Comments from TVF to last
4) Reply to TVF clarification
3) TVF clarification received
2) Request for Clarification for above TVF
1) Tom VanFlandern to review book section
No dark matter in elliptical galaxies?
Progress on my book

The Nature of Man

Tabula Rasa Defined
The Fetus
Standards of Time and Space
Percept Formation
Core Logic Errors
Composition of Consciousness
Percept and Concept Defined
Forced Induction
Pathology of Failed Induction
Free Induction
Sensual Standards
Perceptual Standards
Conceptual Standards
Difference Between Men and Women
Artificial Intelligence
Free Will
True Love
Limits of Human Behavior
Testosterone & God
Getting Old
Bruce Almighty
Ebtx' Philosophy


Definition of the term
Division Number
Short Term Memory
Coping Number
Twenty Questions
Subconscious Understanding
Wordless Understanding
Raise Your IQ
Intellectual Confidence
Identification, Definition, Explanation


Everything Observable
Definition of the Term
Philosophical and Aesthetic Art
Philosophy vs. Aesthetics
What to Draw or Paint
Parallels & Perpendiculars
Swing Lines
Statistical Distribution and Balance
Temporal and Physical Extension
Realism vs Impressionism
Odd Effects, Window Paintings, Abstract Folly
The Abstract Art of Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael
A Real Laugher
The Future of Art
The #2 Lead Pencil
Last Supper Restoration
Photographic Art
Oil Painting
The Best Works on Earth
Tapies - OOooOOoo
An Art Project
Start Page
Body Lengths & Masses 1
Body Lengths & Masses 2
End mouse ... Back to pencil
Expand the Previous & work it
Some General Shaping
Fine Composition Adjustments & Shading
Final Composition Adjustments
Resumed Drawing Phase
Hold Your Horses
A Canvas from God
Know Thy Canvas
My First Oil Painting
Begeen the Begeen
Excuse My Sloth
Struck Oil
A Digression (back to B&W)
Long Time No See
Just Crawling Along
Postponed Forever


The Era of JOB
Communists All
Union vs Management
Graft Everywhere
The Reward for Work Well Done
Zero Sum
False Labor
A Little Slavery - Please!
Minimum Wage: Ground Zero
Why are we working 40 hour weeks?


Controls on Civilization
CO2 Warming
75% Solution
Jet Stream
Criss Angel
Anecdotal Evidence
EBTX' Michelson-Morley
Earth Core Rotation
Nuclear Solutions
The End of NASA
The Deep Ocean Conveyer Belt
Exploding the Earth with Uranium
The Evolution of the Eye
Oceanic Rogue Waves
The Value of Text
Lifting Heavy Objects
Dehydration, Osmosis and the Second Law
We're all gonna' die !!
Exploding Planets
Global Warming & The Atmosphere of Venus
Accretion and Planetary Anomalies
Tornados & Hurricanes
Unusual Rainbow
Lunar Eclipse 1-20-00
The Precession of the Equinoxes
The Logic of Fairness
The Direction of Evolution
The Logic of Evolution
Anthropocentric Theories of Evolution
The Pyramids of Egypt
The Sphinx
The Sahara Culture
Ancient Roman Army Tactics
Civil War Battle Plans
Drunk Driver Concentration Camp
The Cause of Rising Gas Prices
10 Ways to Save Karl Wallenda
The Folly of Education
JFK Assassination
Playing God - part II
David Blaine - street magician


Infinite Digit Numbers
Bit Code Encryption
The Fundamentals of Calculus
The House of Mathematics
Proper Symbols
Slicing Pi
Mountain Meets Plane
Four Color Theorem and Computer Proofs
Number Man
Mathematics Education
On the Value of Rote Memorization
Operation & Function
Mathematical "Piss-Offs"
Find the area of a lampshade or cone
Cockroach Problem
The Hunh? Function
Dealing with Passwords


Minimal Typing
My Computer Friends
New Mousepad
Computer Keyboards
Microsoft XP Disappoints
Playing God
Ergonomic Mouse
Bill Gates - Time to retire
Review of HtmlTool 3.02
Actually Useful Programs
A Different Pointer
Fix the Damn Scrollbar
Why Buy a Computer?
My New Computer
The Best File Navigation System
Local File Management with a Fieldviewer
Programming and Help-file Interface
Netscape and Internet Explorer
Text or Graphic Encryption ?
Ergonomic Computer Tips

Internet, Web

Web Host Problem
Robots & Crawlers
My Stats
Pay to Surf
Fix Our Email
Dictionary Non-Existent Html Tags
The DeadWeb
Web Hosting Services
Web Enter-Exit Effects
Xml and Other Wrong Headed Ideas
The Web's Political Focus
Chat Rooms, Message Boards, Discussion Forums
Planetary Transfer Protocol
Html Mass File Layout Management
Two Web Fixes
Table Backgrounds
Fix The Web
Web Design Advice
Hidden graphics in Web Pages

Mars & UFOs

EBTX Saucer Site
    - Skeptics
    - Radical Empiricism
    - Alien Ethics
    - Aliens as gods
    - Lenz Law Analog
UFOs - what to do
More UFO Propulsion
YouTube UFOs
Experiment #1
UFO Enigma
New UFO Propulsion
Space travel impossible?
Blimp UFO
Bringing Back Martian Life Forms
Galactic Colonization
On the Development and Dispersion of Alien Cultures through the Galaxy
UFO Propulsion
Tsiolkovsky's Rocket Equation
Mars Moc-Picture Links
Mars Worms Reconsidered
Martian Fauna
The Martian Glass Tubes
Martian Flora
The Martian Face
Alien Philosophy
The Drake Equation and Project Seti
The Truth About Crop Circles
A Martian Colony
One Small Step


Frostbite Prevention
Cowboy Curse
Field Goals
World Cup Soccer
Walking Barry Bonds
New Olympic Games
The Shotput
How to Shoot a Basketball
Chasing the Babe
Paper Airplane
Playing "Halo"
A Tent for Road Rats
How to Build a Proper Campfire
A Hobby Sailboat
Flotation Device
Scooter Trails
Indoor Playgrounds
Proper Government

Why the U.S. Constitution is Failing
The New Proposed Constitution
Explanation of Terms
Voting by Women
Computerized Government
Salaries of Representatives
Taxation with Representation and Control
Failed Forms
Rule by Individual Judgement
Destroying Constitutional Intent
Conservative & Liberal
Local versus Centralized Control
Individual and Collective Rights
Autonomy and Volition
History and Sociology
Race Relations
The Feminization of Western Culture
Decline of Civilization
The Future of Man
Foreign Policy Mobile
Sociological Warrants
Palestinians vs Israelis
A Palestinian A-Bomb
The Hydrogen Bomb
War Without Bombs
The Trade Deficit
War Strategies
Arnold Schwarzenegger, Governor
The Death Penalty
Gun Control
The Police
A Uniform Code Criminal Sentencing
Court Administration (Elian Gonzales)
Jury Duty
New Cabinet Positions
The United States Bank
Abortion and the Value of Human Life
On Pornography
Clinton gets: The Raw Deal
What is to be done? #1
What is to be done? #2
Recommended Books

Death, God, Religion

Phase Space
Scientific/Atheist View
Personal/Religious View
Foundations of Religion
The Great Avatar
Formal Religion
Faith in the Modern World
The Persistence of Religion
Persistence of Religion #2
Book Reviews:
"The Christ Conspiracy" and

"Suns of God" by Acharya S
The Ten Commandments
Ebtx Attains Nirvana
On Being Erased
An Easter Message
Origin of Religion
Origin Religion #2
Faith: Substitute for Intellect
Big Bag Philosophy
Shallow Religionists
Intelligent Design
Life Expectancy
EBTX worships God
AcharyaS & Earl Doherty

WTC and Terrorism

Cutting Edge of Terrorism
No Planes Hit WTC
911 Flight 77
WTC Fall Reasons
WTC Fall Rate
Manufacturing Truth
911 - Solved
World Trade Center Disaster
WTC Disaster (more)
Bushido vs Islam
Understanding Islam
Cartoons for Osama #1
The Philosophy of Reasonableness
Tacit Approval of Terrorism
A New Design for New WTC
The DeadDrop
Cable Down
Cartoons for Osama #2
Hydrogen Bomb Credibility
Changing the Earth's Political Modality
Cartoons for Osama #3
Osama Wanter Poster
The End of the Army
The Shape of Things to Come
Stupid Airport Security
John Walker Lindh
Ariel Sharon, Leader of Hamas
Fauntleroy's Army
9/11 Progress Report
What Jews Really Want
Commonalities in Islamic people
Fight, Fight, Fight
True Face of Islam
Osama's Letter to America
Khalid Shaikh Mohammed
End the United Nations
Iraq War Predictions
Sniper - cure for looting
Peace in Iraq?
Summary: Iraqi Mess
The Fate of Iraq
About Islam
Iraq Civil War
Root Cause of War
Mooninites Attack


Crutch Design
Circulatory System
Murder by Food
The Purple Pill
Arteriosclerosis Research
Nanotech Mouthwash
Fat People (and the people who kill them)
Fat People Revisited
Cold Vectors
Mechanical Intervention via Resonance
Letter to Sloan-Kettering (about above)
Disease Control Application for Industrial Solvents
Organ Donor Solution
The Mammary Scam


EBTX Video
Castro and Chavez
Google Earth
Auto Seat Covers
2007 Sonata
Honda Wreck
Croc Hunter
Immigration Policy
George RR Martin
Slow Paced R&D
TV with Computer?
Chain of Command
Katrina Disaster Relief
Save the World Contest
The Car Window Post
Bootleg DVDs
Saddama Claus
Kobe Bryant
Loch Ness Monster
Cell Phone
New Soda Bottle
Nasa Management
Lord of the Flies
Ironman to the Rescue
Ironman Revisited


The Federal Reserve
Federal Reserve cont.
Government Intervention in Established Markets
Upscaling Collusion
The Truth about Economics
The Transfer Economy
Decline of the Free Market
Advertising and Marketing
21st Century Business Model
Why the Economy Goes Bust
Nature of Capitalism & Money
Foundations of Socialism, Communism and Capitalism
Managing Socialism
Where is the Lost Productivity?
The Rat Race
End of Economics
Chinese Connection
California Energy Crisis
Mercedes-Benz Headlight Wiper
Doo Dah Lottery


Dawn Direct Foam
Mas Pockets
Cingular Sucks
Business to Business
AOL Sucks #3
AT&T GSM Cell Phone
Introducing ...
The Fall of WalMart
Blockbuster Video
Post Office New Address Database
Cloth Sunglasses
Midas Muffler
Imperial Orders
Phonecards on the Web
Bandwidth Hijacking
And AT&T Doesn't Suck
Workable Credit Cards
AOL Sucks II
Why AOL Sucks
Pepsi vs Coke
Using the Grand Canyon
Market Analysis as a Waste of Resources
Queuing Theory
Metallic Replacement for Press-wood
Hierarchical Management Systems
Fast Food Fast
In Defense of Bill Gates
At the Checkout Counter


Thread Spinning
Difference Scale
Modern TV Problems
Different Pliers
Shuttle Insulation Problem
Energy Storage in Rotation
Ocean Waves and Tsunami
My LCD TV Boom
LCD TV scaling, de-interlace, etc.
LCD TV Mount Progress
52" LCD TV only 12" wide
Keeping your Roof on in a Hurricane
New Multi-Tool
The Monorail in Mass Transit
Cruise Control
The Wave Washer
Why Concrete Needs Rocks in it
Never Trust Glue
The iPod
The Hayman Fire
Paper Airplane
Improved Roller Skates
Knotty Problems
Digital Cameras with Audio
The Gak Fastener
The Bag
Hole in the Water
Shovelling Snow
Eddie Bauer Opto E-Light
School Building Construction
Proper Steering Wheel
The EBTX Intimidator
Original Engine Design
Surface Absorption by Impenetrable Solids
Headrests on Buses and Airplanes
House Flies and Worm Borers
Disposable Raincoats
Extensible Bumpers
My Only "Realized" Invention
Proper Intersections and Driveways
Ebtx Doorstop
A Problem with DuraLube
Items I expected to see but don't
My Library Design
The Baby Muffler
Fixing the Channel Tuner
Volts, Amps, Watts?
Nuclear Fusion
Toilet Paper
Airfoil - how it works
Flexible PVC Connector
Proper Buildings
Proper Sandals
Large Scale Projects


School of Rock
Indy Rock Bands
Musical Chairs
An E-Basic Experiment
E-Basic Musical Notation
E-Basic Online Prospectus
The Evolution of E-Basic
E-Basic Examples
Original Keyboard Design
How to Play Keyboards
Play the Harmonica
My Midi Compositions
On Musical Composition
The Obolon
The Luis Miguel Concert
Sea Rice.mid


Government Extortion
Public Toilets
Texas Lotto Fraud
Death Ejaculation Rating
Burgers from Hell
The Video Professor
Digital Smidgital
The Death of Yahoo
The Modern Skeptic
IRS Online Income Tax
Automatic TV Volume Control
The Valuelessness of Religion
Steve Case Destroys CNN
The Joint Strike Fighter
The Disappearing Rainforest
Presidential Hee-Haw
The Academy Awards
Crank Dot Net - Review
The Centurion Awards
Screw Britannica
The Failure of Peer Review
White House Press Corps
Scientific Amateurs
Titanic Errors
Noisepapers, Ragazines & Foolavision
The Insurance Industry
Government Sponsored Medical Scams
Social Masterbation
Graffiti - the long & short of it
Two Cars in Every Garage
Drugs - the straight dope
Stinkin' Critics
Winners & Losers
The Virtue of Cruelty
Biological Robots
The Proper Use of Foul Language


Earth Minimal Language
Earth Minimal Intro
On Constructed Languages
Old Cyberyak Intro
Debate Procedures


Moody Gardens
M&M Wars
My Book Progress
Send Mail to Santa
Old Quotes
Old Ebtx - It's History
The Best Bar Bet Going
True Stories
The Alphabet Story
My First Attempt at "Flash"
My Oldest Paper
Rock & Roll
Driving Tips
Pedrito's Train
Stupid Dog Picture
On Ayn Rand
Concerning Ayn Rand's Critics
Unmitigated Trash
Ebtx Brothel
The Confessional
Random Mazes 1
Random Mazes 2
E - Maze
Big John's Business Page

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