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This is my second site which is devoted to a specific idea rather than the general exposition of my original site (ebtx.com). I'm getting old and bored with "that which I can do nothing about but watch" and so have decided to devote more time to something that I can't do anything about ... but ... interests me ;o)

I find the concept of alien visitations themselves to be fairly boring (because they haven't come to see me). But that isn't even the issue to me. The real issue is "Conservation of Linear Momentum".

Now, that interests me greatly.

I have no idea how to accomplish this magical feat but I must accept that it is accomplished by unknown beings flitting around our skies in ever greater numbers these last fifty years or so. I suppose I could just stick my head in the sand and assert that they don't exist as do the skeptics. However, the difference between the skeptics and the actual UFO hunters is that the hunters get out in the field and talk to people while the skeptics just sit back and pontificate that everyone's perception is no good. They insult the very nature of man by saying that people can't be relied upon to "see" things that are sometimes no more than a hundred yards away often in broad daylight. If it was a bus you saw, the skeptics would accept that your perception was fine. But if the "bus" suddenly lifts off and flies away ... your perception is ... no good. They are depending on something ... absolutely ... and with good reason.

The pillar on which they lean is "Conservation of Linear Momentum". If no violation is possible ... then ... I have to agree with most of them that travel between stars is so incredibly difficult that it would only be done slowly by a vast armada of ships of all sizes coming in waves with the intention of taking over and making a new start, i.e. if they come by conventional means, (consistent with the Standard Model), they won't just observe ... they'll be settin' a spell and building cities of their own.

If linear momentum can be breached, then it follows that angular momentum conservation is history as well ... and ... the First law of Thermodynamics will go out the window with the bathwater. You should be able to generate electricity for nothing ... from nothing (well, I guess the universe as a whole is nothing, eh?). This is not just speculation. It will be so ... IF ... AND ONLY IF ... linear momentum conservtion is false under some as yet unknown circumstance. All of these rules of physics will still be valid for natural systems. We will just have a way to violate them for our own purposes. And the universe will be quite a different place from what we now believe it to be.

Though my greatest interest is in the mechanical side of things, I will be investigating everything I can think of related to the issue. The first thing to deal with is the fairly unpleasant subject of morality and ethics as they relate to "saucer-dom". Then, I'd like to rehash various theoretical ideas that aren't supposed to work but apparently something is working for somebody.

1) Moral Principles Violated by "Skeptics"

2) Radical Empiricism

3) Alien Ethics

4) Aliens as Gods

5) Lenz Law Analog