Changes to Earth Minimal

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This language will be unstable for awhile as I try to reintegrate it after adding 38 new words,


More switches.
STRE = "route" ... ZU = "position" ... SPRO = "rope" ... TWI = up ... TWAA = fast (instead of speed)
"recline" and "knot" discarded.


More switches. WAA = water ... ZU = route ... SPRA = distribution ... SPRO = up ...
Adding 39 new words will cause me some confusion for a few months as they are worked into the system which takes into consideration sound and method of connection to other probable syllables. There are many things to consider (including humor;o).


Changed STU again to "weather" instead of "ingredients" which is covered by "SLU-contents"


Changed STU to mean "ingredients" instead of "material".
Changed GLE from "happy" to "laugh" which I though would be more usable.
Changed LAA from "average" to "music" (made new SMA "average" yesterday by mistake)
Made English alphabetical listing dictionary.

02-14-02 :
Added 39 new words and removed 1. But this is about it. To get more than this I would have to really scrape the bottom of the barrel. There are only a few hundred syllables that we can speak which can be discerned as distinctly different. Others tend to slur and some of these below may be questionable.

I removed one word "kwu" as basically unusable and defined a new word as "furniture". Here is list of the new words.

  1. BWAA Member
  2. BWA Axle
  3. BWE Wheel
  4. GWAA Plane
  5. GWI Energy
  6. GWA Category
  7. GWE Geometry
  8. PWAA Action
  9. PWA Furniture
  10. PWE Point
  11. SKRAA Substance
  12. SKRI Breathe
  13. SKRA Line
  14. SKRE Book
  15. SKRO Examination
  16. SKRU Helix
  17. SMAA Small
  18. SMA Average
  19. SMO Large
  20. SPRAA Seat
  21. SPRI Stand
  22. SPRA Distrubution water
  23. SPRE Sequence
  24. SPRO Knot
  25. SPRU Focus
  26. STRAA Knowledge
  27. STRI Hit
  28. STRA Star
  29. STRE Recline
  30. STRO Walk
  31. STRU Boss
  32. SWAA Imagination
  33. SWI Proposition
  34. SWA Vertical
  35. SWE Employee
  36. TWAA Up
  37. TWI Rope
  38. TWE Summary
  39. TWA Abstraction
Note that most of these word groups are not complete with six of each. The missing syllables were disallowed by me for aesthetic reasons. Maybe someday I'll get real desperate and use them. Also, the new word definitions are not set in stone ... yet. Reader feedback may require changes.