The World's Most Compact Language


And probably, the easiest to learn . . . because . . . Cyberyak has only about 200 words. Thanks for visiting. I hope you will find it interesting , worthwhile and, most important , F U N
The purpose of cyberyak is :

  1. to provide a simple, easily learned, second language
  2. to be resistant to 'slurring'
  3. to facilitate audible computer conversation

About Cyberyak

Cyberyak has about 200 one-syllable words and a handful of add ons.

The efficiency of communication that comes from memorizing thousands of words is sacrificed in favor of quick & easy learning.

_a handy 'pocket' tool instead of a journeyman's toolbox ;
_a pencil instead of an art studio ;
_a sheet with a hole in it instead of a wardrobe ;
_a flashlight in a power outage.

Cyberyak is OK for most things but is not as expressive as a large scale 'memory' language.

The number of rules is limited to allow for development by consensus.
Rules are to be added only when unavoidably necessary.
Initial user understandability is considered more important than artificially devised grammar and syntax.

Speaking or writing in cyberyak requires that you think in terms of the


that are denoted by the "words". Then "assemble" them into new words or concepts to convey your meaning. With some practice (much less than any other language) you should become fluent.

As with any potential language (programming or otherwise), what isn't covered by the words or syntax might have a "work arround". In fact, Cyberyak is best accepted and left as a work arround language. Being too specific, it would become wordy and unwieldy and thereby lose its utility.
We want to be able to get our point accross with the smallest possible vocabulary, with the quickest learning curve. So . . .

Cyberyak is to English
as Doghouse is to Mansion
as Lifeboat is to Titanic

If you find, for instance, that a lifeboat lacks restrooms, I will not supply them for you. There is a work around. "Go to the back of the boat, and while we look forward, you take a dump over the side."
Devise crude ways to say what you want. Cyberyak is not eloquent. It can't afford to be. People should be up and running with this language in minutes -- not weeks or months or years.

On the development of language

People started off making pictures of things.
Then there were too many pictures to draw.
Then it was noticed that there are actually a fairly small number of sounds we make to communicate and that by giving a picture to each sound we would only have to learn those. You just assemble the 'sound pictures' (letters) into groups (words) to denote all objects and actions.

Cyberyak takes language a step further.
There are only a few basic concepts we use to assemble most of our ideas.
Each is therefore given its own 'syllable' and you assemble these into whatever meaning you wish to convey.
( With minimal rules ... See Grammar/Syntax on the Frames page )

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