what to do

he UFO problem is not a political one. While it's true that the governments of the world (particularly the US government) is an adversary who does not wish any information to be diseminated to the public ... governments are philosophically irrelevant. Their conscious goal is the destruction of civilization and they will resist to the utmost any attempt to advance civilization. An appeal to them to divulge their "secrets" is a waste of time. They cannot do so ... in principle ... lest they be forced to confront their true natures (they are by nature, evil). Stephen Greer's disclosure initiative can go nowhere.

The proper course is to bypass the government altogether and physically construct such devices as are evidenced by UFOs. Someone must figure out, then build, at least a proof of concept vehicle that will force the scientific community to "wake up" from their post-Newtonian slumbers (or build ... then figure out ;o). That this is possible is evidenced by the behavior of the UFOs themselves.

They are "Show-Boating"

Yes, they are showing themselves and their capabilities in fairly obvious (although not overwhelming) ways. They are in effect saying, "Look at us. See what we can do. What are you waiting for?". They would not flaunt themselves so openly so often were it otherwise. The increase in activity in the past half century is indicative of our capacity to accept their existence as a given fact without extreme psychological trauma as would have been the case some centuries ago. We are just about ready for a totally technological civilization.

Why don't the UFO people just set down on the White House lawn and do a Show & Tell?

One must understand the temporal perspective of these beings as well as their obvious spatial perspective. Given that the Standard Model is nearly correct about the age of the universe, it is entirely possible (and I personally think so) that the galaxy has been fully explored through colonization for the past 4 billion years or so. The major holdup is waiting for heavy elements to form in super novas out of which intelligent beings can be constructed. Many people (myself included) have noted that the colonization time for this galaxy is on the order of ten million years. And that's from just one starting planet. With tens of thousands of solar systems producing indigeneous peoples, interstellar space must be like "dodge'm cars".

With that in mind, it's quite doubtful that they would interfere in the development of another indigenous people-producing planet. It increases the diversity of existence and is probably an occasion of great interest among all the neighboring planets when a new population comes of age. To "bust in" now would be (socially speaking) gauche in the extreme. If they see that a planet is going to do the relatively rare thing of producing its own people, they will not meddle, but rather will sit back and enjoy the spectacle from a discreet distance. To do otherwise is logically equivalent to colonization ... which goes on all the time wherever there is a suitable rock orbiting a fairly stable star. Of planets that do not develop life, there must be aplenty. Of those that do ... there are few. This is an entirely reasonable estimate of the situation.

They want us to succeed ... hence the "show". They want us to succeed on our own ... hence, the non-interference.

Taking our cue from them, we must not appeal to them or to any other "Big Brother" (aka. our government) to help us ... please, please help us ... we are poor miserable wretches ... we can't help ourselves ... we aren't men ... we're little lost children ... please, oh please help and protect us from the big, nasty universe ... we're scared ... wanhhhhh ... wahnnnnn ... wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ... sniffle, sniffle :_(

I think you get the point. It's DIY time.

Things to do

We have lots evidence to the effect that the UFO propulsion system works through electro-magnetic fields. And ... that those fields are quite strong. hence, it is incumbent on us to redo all the elementary experiments in electromagnetism that have been done before at the limits of our abilities to create strong fields.

In such experiments, some effect will show up that is unexpected and has not been noticed in low density fields. Most notably, we will find a violation of linear momentum conservation. That is, we will find that we can make the universe "chase its tail" ... not in the logical sense ... but within the confines of its true physical nature. We should discover that conservation of linear momentum is a statistical certainty rather than a logical certainty ... that matter is more constrained by statistics than by pure logic. That conservation rules are not imposed purely by logic and are not "causal" in physics ... but rather ... are effects of a deeper level of elementarity ... probability ... i.e. things stay where you put them not because they are logically constrained ... a priori ... to stay there, but rather because it is statistically improbable that they should at all move anywhere else.

It is then incombent on us to construct an "unnatural apparatus" that changes the probablility of an object from being here to being there. So that, though we never see it happen in the everyday world of nature, we can make it happen artificailly by cleverly arranging matter to take advantage of its underlying capabilities and constraints. Bear in mind that when you can beat Conservation of Linear Momentum ... you also beat Angular Momentum Conservation and Energy Conservation and "The Oit" is saved ;o)

The evidence says to me that this is true so the stakes are high. There is a great deal to be gained ... if ... one is willing to re-open one's mind about the conservation laws and take the time to do the experiments.

Some suggested experiments

I don't know what to do. I am not an alien and have no access to the Library. So, what I suggest is merely that ... suggestive.

Whatever experiment is done ... it must be either done on a balance to detect apparent changes in mass ... or ... hung from a "rope" to detect any force pushing the device off "plumb". Such experiments are difficult to do because you probably will have moving things suspended in such ways that slight aberations in any part of the apparatus will cause apparently anomalous movements that are just the experimental trash that has to be taken out.

I would like to see attempts to "shape" the produced electro-magnetic fields to make them curve in different ways in the hope of "uncurving" our gravitational field ... thereby causing the experiment to "lose weight" or move off plumb ... all without causing an equal and opposite re-action. Pointedly constructing an action-reaction experiment should be avoided as this is guaranteed to fail every time. We need experiments specifically designed so that action-reaction is not expected. If it happens anyway ... it's the afforementioned "trash" ... take it out.

If one could construct a field that changed the direction of the gravitational field (aka. the reference frame), it should be possible to use angular momentum in a rotating wheel to act as a magnifying lens for that field. That is, if we can redirect the reference frame so that the centrifugal force vector is out of the plane of rotation ... the wheel will appear to lose mass or force the experiment out of plumb. If we then double the rotation rate of the wheel and leave our produced field the same ... the unnatural force causing apparent mass loss or a force out of plumb ... will be effectively doubled. This may be why rotation is often seen to be (apparently) a part of the UFO planform.

The UFO Community should ...

Take the matter into its own hands ... do its own experiments ... fund its own experiments ... think up its own experiments ... do the whole nine yards in the spirit of the Renaissance or Age of Enlightenment or Age of Reason. Why not just be a man ... and not go begging to some benefactor from whom assistance or information will never come. The truth is out there and always has been.

I don't think this is going to cost a great deal ... if it's at all possible ... and it must be possible because THEY are doing it ... and THEY (by their actions) are saying ... "Go for it, stupid".

If what I say here is true and possible ... it should be true and possible to do a proof of concept experiment for less than a million bucks in materials (people will volunteer their spare time). That's chicken feed compared to the benefits ... not even chicken feed ... maybe just chicken crap.