Blimp UFO
sighted by EBTX

ednesday night some agitated co-workers invited me outside to see a "UFO" that was hovering over I-30 between Dallas and Fort Worth. I went out expecting to see an airplane towing a sign or some such nonsense. Instead, I beheld ... a genuine "fake" UFO. This is only the second hoax UFO I've ever seen in my 57 years. The first was the chevron formation of motorized hang gliders over Hudson Valley Mall in upstate New York about 20 years ago.

Both of these hoax UFOs were interesting in that when you first look up at something that you cannot immediately identify ... it's a friggin' rush. The more unfamiliar ... the bigger the rush. Tonight's blimp UFO was really huge ... maybe 50-100 feet long 2-300 feet up and maybe a quarter mile away from my position (which means that it covered about 1o of the sky - about the size of the moon but thinner and less bright) ... with two incandescent lights which illuminated the inside of a clear or translucent plastic or vinyl covering. Like a proverbial candle in a plastic shopping bag, it was simple ... yet, the size made it truly an awesome undertaking (particularly for teenagers). The cost of making or renting a fake UFO blimp that size must be up in the several hundred dollar range if not more. I was impressed with the "project".

As soon as I became accustomed to the light and got a good look at the thing, I realized what it was because the airship was wafting in the light breeze as though tethered in two places ... one vertically (to control up and down) and one off to the side (to hold direction). They allowed it to drift several hundred feet horizontally also which gave the illusion of purposeful linear motion. After several minutes, the craft descended rapidly as though the vertical tether was run through a grounded pulley and some guys were running with the tether to bring it down. I suspect they brought it down apace because some motorist on I-30 had called 911 to report the anomaly and the cops were closing in. If you are pulling an expensive Halloween prank ... you don't want to be found out ... at least not until you've been "roto-gravured".

Very nicely done guys. I appreciate the workmanship.

Scientists and UFOs

Just last week I was thinking to myself that I had only seen the one UFO in New York many years ago and hadn't stayed with the sighting long enough to see it unravel (by motor noise or a failure to occlude a star or bungled formation holding). I left because I regarded the thing as identified and therefore "not interesting". If you ever see a fake UFO, you should stay with the sighting because it may be the only fake you'll ever see. You certainly have no prospect of seeing a real one (even if there are real ones).

It also occurred to me that I would be regarded as a crank or lunatic for guessing that some UFO sightings are genuine on account of the mathematics of galaxy colonization. Thus, if a planet develops with indigenous humanoids, that culture can easily colonize the entire galaxy in around 100 million years or less. So if there are some thousands of such indegenous populations in the galaxy (a low number by many astronomer's reckoning) ... it should have been already colonized ... hence, Enrico Fermi's famous statement, "Where are they?".

On the flip side, I could then make the case that mainstream scientists are "emotionally involved" with the issue of "flying saucers" because if they are real, all the works of such scientists are somehow diminished ... because ... all that they discover is already known to people who are no more than a few miles (or hundreds of thousands of miles) away. Indeed this is the case with scientists in general. I sense in them a visceral fear concerning the reality of UFOs. However, we are not diminished ... IF ... they never contact us ... and just watch our development. Thus, we are on our own and what we do has real value on account of their complete indifference to our temporary plight.

In short, I can deal with a final result that there are no UFOs ... if, indeed, that is the case. But they cannot deal with the reality of extra-terrestrial visitations ... if, indeed, that is the truth. The math is on my side as well ... yet they continue to find ways whereby the galaxy might never be colonized. There is an article about just this problem in Scientific American this month 10/2005 (or was it Astronomy Magazine). I read 'em all in WalMart for free while my wife is shopping for "bargains".

I equate the present sentiments of professional scientists in regard to UFOs as identical to the sentiments of the scientific community a couple centuries ago when people repeatedly (and continuously) informed them that "rocks fall from the sky". They didn't believe them either ... but then ... one of 'em found a meteorite ... and it definitely wasn't terrestrial by any professional geologist's reckoning. So, finally the phenomena was accepted ... only ... because they had something tangible. The general drift of anecdotal evidence can of course be perfectly reliable .. and often is ... especially if it concerns a material object. If people are seeing "bigfoot" there probably is a bigfoot ... albeit more than likely, college kids in a furry suit taking a big risk. Same with Lock Ness monster ... pranks ... real physical pranks. Maybe this is the case with UFOs? ... really sophisticated pranks? ... airborne, large scale pranks?

We'll see ...

Update: 11/05/37

Saw UFO in approximately the same place while going to the Luis Miguel concert at Nokia on the weekend. This time I got a better look at it and discerned the actual name of the planet from which the vision originated. What a privilege!!

La Paloma

in big red letters right on the side. But where is "La Paloma" ... and ... just who are the "Tequerians"?? What do they want from us?? Please help to solve this interplanetary riddle if you can. Email your help with my CGI email.

I am also amazed by the lack of consistency in my distance and size measurements. I measured from Nokia Center (two thumb widths at arm's length) that the vehicle covered about two degrees and with that, estimated its size as 40 feet long at about 500 feet distance (with my one eye) ... but when I ran the numbers ... the size was inconsistent with the angle subtended and-or size-distance estimates. I must accept the fact that personal estimates of size and distance which are far more subjective than angle measurements made with a finger or thumb of known width at arms length ... are horribly susceptible to bad guessing. In the future, I shall avoid any but extremely tentative estimates and will expect them to be off by as much as 100%.

One estimate that is more objective and could be used indirectly to indicate size is ... motor rumble. The Taquerian's motor was just audible at this shorter distance. It was not an auto engine rumble and certainly not the high pitched whine of a lawnmower engine (like those used in hang gliders). The pitch was more intermediate and weak sounding. The "alien" craft had trouble maneuvering in even the slight breeze that we had that night. So, based on the sound of the engine, I would guestimate that it was an engine designed to move a vehicle in light breeze of no more than ~20 feet long - of blimp shape.

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