UFO Propulsion
asymmetric field density theory

his is going to be one of my most ambitious pages yet ;o) You would never see a "scientist" propose anything of the sort ... but I would ... because ... I have no tenure. And, I can't lose my reputation, because ... I have not got one. If I'm right, this would be THE major achievement of the century ... so ... it must be wrong ... right? I'd give it a snowball's chance in hell of being right though. If I am proven correct, I shall also buy a PowerBall ticket (just one) for I am sure to win that too. In comparison, the power ball win is a "sure thing". Nevertheless, here goes. I guarantee (absolutely) that it will be an interesting read regardless of outcome because it will be well reasoned and grounded in my own theory of the universe. So, if my personal theory of existence is anywhere near the mark ... this should be too. Hmmmmmmmmmm ....

Also, before I go on and on ... there will be An Experiment to do at the end of this piece to see if I could be right. And, it will not violate my stricture concerning amateur experiments which is that ... no amateur experiment can cost more than $20 because it won't work anyway so why waste your money?. It used to be only ten bucks but ... what the heck ... inflation gets to everything sooner or later. My experiment will be quite delicate and should detect what I propose. I won't tell you what it is till the end of this page because I don't want anyone to say that it was already done before and cheat me of doing it. I get to build something and watch it fail. My experiment will work ... I am sure of that. It will falsify my thesis which is deemed a success by me and anyone else of sound mind who does a true experiment. Success is determined by the validity of the experiment ... not it's outcome. Get it? If an experiment reveals truth in a logical fashion ... that is a successful experiment.

Note: The $20 stricture does not apply to "demonstration" experiments like school science fair projects and things you do in college to show you understand the principle. It's just for us "fruitcakes" because we have to ... pay the rent.

Lots of UFOs on TV lately

They have a show on Discovery channel called "UFO files". I watch this regularly because I am currently very interested once again in the supposed phenomena. It doesn't go away. The skeptics are looking ever more "forced" in their explanations particularly when confronted with multiple sightings of the same object by people who are unwilling to look inward and say, "Maybe I was mistaken". Rather, they have the confidence of an eyewitness who says, "Yes, officer, I saw a Greyhound bus hit that car and take off down the highway without stopping". If someone had seen such an incident and Michael Schermer told him,

"No, it was not a bus ... it was the star Vega.
You just want it to be a bus. Your senses have deceived you.
But, it's allright. We are all deceived now and then.
It would be easy, I think, to mistake Vega for a bus in the
dimly lit conditions you describe".

... they would laugh in his face and absolutely refuse to recant under cross examination. It is their confidence in what they have seen ... close up ... with edges ... blotting out the background stars ... with lights and a well defined shape ... that convinces me ... that there is something to this phenomenon more than "mass hallucination". I here rely on my own experience at hearing people talk about things and deciding whether they are telling the truth or lying. To the skeptics ... these people are all liars or mental retards. None can be telling the truth. Notice that the skeptic claims what I call "automatic knowledge". He knows without even having to investigate. He requires no further information ... he confronts no one ... It can't be, therefore, it isn't.

If a skeptic was an honest man and confronted the best witnesses to well documented cases ... at length, he would end up like Hynek and believe them in the general sense, thinking ... "There is something to what these people are saying". Hence, Mr. Schermer, being a reasonable guy, would be in danger of having to recant his own hypothesis (lying and mental retardation) ... a personal embarrassment for sure. Hence, he comments from afar.

Why do skeptics claim "automatic knowledge" in the UFO arena?

Because they have good reason to do so. There are rules concerning the physics of existence that MUST be abided by. At least, it would seem so. These are the laws of physics which have been laid out and thoroughly studied for several centuries by the greatest minds that the earth has yet produced (like Newton, Galileo, Faraday, Bohr, Einstein, etc.). Let me introduce you to these rules in case you are unfamiliar. I shall cite only those that I believe to be extremely relevant to this article.

The First Law of Thermodynamics - energy cannot be created or destroyed ... you can't get somethin' for nothin'
The Conservation of Linear Momentum - you can't go from here to there without throwing something out the other way to "balance" that motion
The Conservation of Angular Momentum - you can't develop a rotation without making an opposite rotation to balance it out (though you can alter the direction you face, you just won't end up spinning when you are done changing your orientation in space - like a cat twisting to land on his feet)
No Absolute Reference Frame exists. The laws of physics are the same for all moving (but not being accelerated) observers.
Inertia - you can't accelerate a person without mashing him against the object he's resting on. Like, you're pressed into the seat when you accelerate you car too fast and get mashed against the dash when you crash (decelerate).
Gravity - sucks. It never blows ... only one direction and it can't be reversed.

The above are all important rules to consider and they are all so well documented as to be the "Bible" of all physicists. They have never been known to fail the tiniest bit in any experiment in the past few hundred years. Hence, no one of sound mind, would expect them to fail in the future ... ever ... only lunatics.

The acceptance of extra-terrestrials visiting our planet requires that some or all of the above rules also be accepted as being ... violated ... seemingly with impudence and great facility by these "visitors". Our greatest intellectual achievements are to be cast aside in favor of ... what? ... anecdotal information? Hardly. Skeptics require hard evidence to crack open their hard heads (a brick must fall) ... and ... most importantly some kind of theoretical way around this tremendous obstacle called experience ... 300 years of scientific experience says "no" ... the witnesses say "yes".

Our civilization is founded upon the bedrock of scientific experience. This can't be given up because it is "The Truth". I admit that the skeptic's argument is undeniable ... I am skeptical ... yet ... the matter is still unresolved ... so ... my brain is steaming for an answer. Will we experience a Jimmy Neutron brainstorm? ... or ... a simple, everyday brain fart? Let us proceed to explode.

Facts about UFO (the aliens - 3/22/38)

When I say facts, I mean what people say about them. I am not assuming that the skeptic's position is impossible ... only extremely unlikely. First, the occupants themselves. This has some bearing on the propulsion system because their general demeanor is indicative of the types of machines they would employ.

There have been a number of types of occupants allegedly sighted. The most common is the short grey type. They have these attributes deduced from what people don't see in conjunction with them. They have no great distinction between the sexes. Though I have seen reports of women extra-terrestrials, they don't seem to be very "appetizing" by our standards. They all seem to dress alike in the manner of the Chinese under Mao. Everybody wears the same thing ... drab and conventional. Never have I read a report of colorful dress among aliens. They have nothing on them which would serve to personalize their identity. They seem to be all commies.

Their women have no tits to speak of. And the men have no bulges either. This indicates conclusively that they do not breed. Their's is a sexless existence. Now, how could I know that? Well, women on earth are shaped as they are (and the men too) as a reaction to sexual selection. What men and women find attractive is what is bred into the following generation. What they find attractive is "differences" that tell them ... "The partner I am currently screwing is not the same sex as me". Hence, it is plain to see that aliens don't do the nasty. They probably breed in a safe and predictable sanitized and scientific way, i.e. the no fun way. That is ... if they breed at all ... maybe they have indefinite life spans and that would be why no alien children are ever reported and no old aliens either.

Here is what the typical alien does for his day. First, he sleeps (maybe) and if he doesn't, he just sits in a vegetative state and stares at a blank wall until ... he gets his "orders" for the day. A typical order might be something like ...
Unit 4653 - report to saucer 256441 and proceed to coordinates X,Y,Z - go north for 392 miles at 600 knots then hover, flip over two times and head west to coordinates x1,y1,z1 - then activate inviso-shield and return to base - that is all - over and out
When he returns to base, he goes back to his cubicle and awaits further orders. Whoopee-fucken-do. Do you envy them? They have no medical problems, or political problems or "relationship" problems. Well, maybe an alien "cuts up" after work with his crew members ... but no alien was ever reported to laugh or cry or belly laugh ... no alien ever was claimed to have tickled an abductee either. They just do the same medical things over and over ad nauseum ... so that they can impress us with their amazing abilities ... so that we will grow up and be just like them. I can't wait :o|

No alien woman was ever seen in the Mall of the Americas. You know what that means ... women who don't shop ... i.e. the end of the world.

I would like to see some aliens abduct, in broad daylight, some beautiful young earth girls ... take them into outer space and gang rape 'em ... then put them out, moaning, on the side of some dirt road in Alabama. Then, I could think that there was some hope for the human race. But alien men have no bulges.

What this is all leading to is simply ...
The aliens clearly have a religion of sorts. It is "form follows function". It's in their craft, their dress, in their very beings. They have nothing that they don't need ... hell, they don't even have pockets. They exhibit only what is needed. There is no alien artwork ever seen. UFOs have no hood ornaments and no cartoons on their fuselages to indicate how many abductions they've made ... nothing extra. Hence, the fact that there are basically two types of UFOs becomes meaningful to anyone trying to figure out how they work.

These two are ... the cigar shaped ones and the disc shaped ones. Now, you may say that there are other shapes out there but these are probably the craft of less advanced aliens who still have some idea of "style" and their women still have tits as well. If you see a disc UFO, I will bet you my left nut that the women on board (if any) will have no tits. And if it's shaped like a crescent or triangle ... "and she gotta' to have a beeg teets" (as the pope once said to the Mafia). The form follows function people ... the most advanced aliens ... won't vary their style because that would violate their one moral, ethical, philosophical principle ... nothing extra ... ever.

Hence, to deduce the nature of the propulsion, we need only look at the cigar shapes and discs.

Characteristics of the two forms

The size & symmetry of each type:
The discs are basically oblate spheroids to the cigar shape's prolate spheroid. There is an important distinction in that the cigar shaped type has typically more rounded edges whereas the discs are reported to have sharper features. The cigar shaped UFOs are sometimes extremely huge being a hundred meters long but seem to be equally well suited to smaller craft in the ten to twenty meter range. No huge hundred meter diameter disc has ever been reported in anything I've ever read. I had always assumed that the cigar shape was more suitable for interstellar travel because it offers a smaller cross-section in the direction of motion and could therefore be more easily shielded from radiation in that direction which would be desirable if one were traveling at respectable percentages of light velocity.

When moving through the air though ... no aerodynamic features are ever reported on either type. There are no fins of any sort and no airfoil feature which suggests that the designers cared not a jot for the medium they were traveling through. That is, it's not essential so, why put anything on which isn't needed? Form follows function.

ufoprop1.gif - 5kb

The cigar shapes always move in the direction of their long axis and are sometimes seen to have "fire" (or radiation?) coming out of their rear ends. Whether this IS a propulsion mechanism or is just the ejected waste from the true propulsion system is unknown ... but I suspect that nothing so crude as a rocket would be used for propulsion because it's not used all the time and is not seen on the discs.

The discs however, generally are seen to move in the plane of the disc. That is, although they can go straight up or down, they are most often described a moving laterally ... like a frisbee. And ... they are reported to accelerate at extremely high rates as compared to our present air force jets. There is a problem here ... If the main propulsion is directed downward along a line perpendicular to the plane of the disc ... how could the disc slip laterally with great acceleration using the main propulsive mechanism? Are there two mechanisms in such craft? If not, one would expect to see the disc incline in the direction of motion to push off of ... what?

Sometimes the discs are reported to have a rotating rim which seems to make sense by way of "form follows function". One intuitively feels that a wheel out to be turning somewhere because the wheel planform does not fit the body plan of the occupants who are reported to be humanoid. Hence, something associated with the disc wants rotation. The same cannot be said of the cigar shape though. Nothing is reported to rotate on the cigar shape like, say, a ring around the belly of the ship. This indicates to me another different but perhaps related propulsion mechanism.

Discs don't leave contrails and often neither do the cigars. What can they be ejecting to accelerate forward without leaving anything behind and ... where is the necessary resulting wind? As observed, they could not possibly be common reactive engines like airplanes, helicopters or jets. This leaves very little in the way of propulsion possibilities that are known by our science. I had thought years ago that maybe they could switch the polarity of magnets quickly and do their thing like an electro-magnetic garbage sorter. But I have to admit that the side effects would be noticeable heat in whatever it was pushing against. However, there are numerous reports of electrical disruptions. Cars are stopped for instance and can only be restarted after the offending apparition has departed. This smacks of an electro-magnetic phenomenon.

I've also considered some kind of anti-gravity wherein they "push off" the earth and thereby obtain buoyancy in a gravitational well ... without contradicting the major laws of physics. However, they don't tip in the direction of travel but rather, slip sideways with great acceleration. If an anti-gravity mechanism were at work, we would also have to see some kind of gravitational effect at right angles to the direction of the gravitational field. That is, there would have to be something extraordinary about gravity that we aren't already aware of ... and it would have to be something quite obvious as well because ...

The power output of a UFO even at great acceleration is not outrageous. It's not like they are detonating an H-bomb equivalent every second to maintain their high rate of acceleration. They give off too little heat to have huge power outputs. They radiate some energy in the visible spectrum and perhaps some in the ultra-violet and beyond as evidenced by some people being sunburned or radiation poisoned but they are not fired to a crisp.

We have machines that put out their kind of power today. They push aircraft carriers along at 30-35 knots in the ocean. We have turbine generators to power our cities that would put out the power to drive a smaller UFO at its observed flight limits. This means that ... whatever powers these craft can be duplicated by us ... IF ... we simply knew how to put matter together in the right way. We need the plans to the UFO and perhaps some new materials like new metal composites, etc. However, if we can actually do this type of engineering, we should be able, right now, to do a scaled-down, proof-of-concept, table-top experiment.

And this must give the UFO believer pause ...

For, if we can do a "proof-of-concept" in the laboratory ... why has it not been done already? How could major alterations of basic physical theory have been overlooked by all the conscientious experimenters who have been working diligently for 300 years just to see such things? Is there another "force" in existence that we don't know about. I seriously doubt that. We have explored every nook and cranny down to near absolute zero and in other extremes and have found nothing new to contradict what has been discovered before. We have only modified, by second order effects, the rules of physics.

Perhaps we live in a secondary universe ... like The Matrix. If we did, the people in the "real" world could alter the program to pop in whenever and wherever they want. They wouldn't have to obey the laws of physics at all. Certainly this is the absolute "hypothesis of last resort" for we can in no way prove such a thing by experiment. We would have to be "let in on it" by our overlords. But if this were so, why go around in craft of specific style? Why go around in craft at all? Why not just appear and disappear at will to "observe"? Or, why not just go around in a sphere or box? Why get complicated?

All the above is why the skeptics feel ... "It can't be, therefore, it isn't" ... makes sense doesn't it? I think so. Yet I propose the opposite. Those who see UFOs are not lying ... so ... where do I go from here?

Somehow, the laws of physics must not be valid

This is a hard step to take. Hell, any responsible physicist would say, "It's not hard ... it's impossible". Better to say, "This is a difficult idea to follow" which would make more sense. We can imagine but not pursue physically. However, we have to show physically that such is the case. Hmmmm ... this makes me ... officially ... a lunatic by the standards of modern physics. Well, I'll only be a lunatic for a short while. I shall do my experiment ... fail ... then return to sanity ;o) The tenured physicist can't do this because he has something to lose.

I am proposing then that somehow, someway ... the great physicists of the 19th century "missed" some important aspect of simple mechanics or electro-dynamics which I, and I alone ... in my infinite wisdom ... am able to discern. That is, Faraday, Hertz, Helmholtz, Tesla, and the like missed some basic factoid when formulating the primary rules of physics which I can find in the 21st century ... for $19.95 ... ("I'll paint any car any color for nineteen ninety fiiiiive !" - Earl "the pearl" Schieb)

And all the scientists in the 20th century missed it as well. But that would be more understandable because the effect must be fairly small and they are pre-programmed to discard any apparent linear or angular momentum fault in an experiment ... as in Fermi's neutrino proposal to save angular momentum conservation in beta decay. (I don't mean that the neutrino doesn't exist, just that if it didn't, they'd have to invent something else to cover the momentum discrepancy ... anything but trash angular momentum conservation.)

Now, you see why they say, "It can't be, therefore it isn't" ?

Anyone who says that UFOs are real is saying that the above scientists missed something. There is no two ways about it. Either these scientists have erred ... or ... UFOs are impossible. The issue isn't quite as clear to those with little experience in the matter. It is however, very clear to me. By our known laws of physics, interplanetary space travel is horrendously difficult ... almost impossible. Certainly, no one could do such a thing with impunity. And that is precisely what UFOs appear to do. They flit around without a care in the universe as though such travel was a "walk in the park".

The first law which must be wrong is "Conservation of Linear Momentum". The UFOs accelerate without throwing any comparable material out the backside. Let's face it ... any silly "neutrino drive" is just a limp-wristed attempt to salvage linear momentum conservation ... and ... have the UFO phenomenon be real as well. We must go whole hog here or ... fahget about it.

There is, right away, a problem with giving up linear momentum conservation ... you give up angular momentum conservation as well at the same time. For, if you can accelerate in space without throwing something out in the opposite direction ... you could mount two such devices on a wheel and they'd cause the wheel to rotate in place ... thus rotation without opposed rotation to balance it out to zero. I don't think I have to draw you a picture, do I? Imagine a wheel space station. You put one gizmo on one side and another on the other end facing in the opposite direction and the wheel spins. Easy money.

Another problem develops with the First Law of Thermodynamics (energy conservation). We have to give it up and accept the fact that some sort of perpetual motion machine can be built, i.e. free energy compliments of "nothing". Eh? OK ... easy money :o| Hmmmmmm .....

The reason is that when you accelerate, you will be setting up a hypothetical state of acceleration costing X amount of energy per unit time to maintain ... and ... you won't be ejecting any material in the opposite direction ... so, you don't have to accelerate that material with your ship in order to have it to throw out the back as you move faster and faster. You can ignore .Tsiolkovski's rocket equation and proceed to bulid up speed without regard to the energy cost as figured by an outside observer. Thus, you will have immense energy in your craft's velocity (v2) ... but ... it will have cost you nil because you didn't have to carry your fuel with you to push off of. You can avoid the gearing problem that I pointed out in Starship and here Broken Conservation Laws too.

A machine that would work along the above lines to generate energy would be called an "Impulse Engine" ... yes, just like Star Trek ... because it operates more along the lines of

which is called "impulse" (i.e. mat ... mass x acceleration x time ... which is actually momentum and NOT energy)
.... rather than the accepted energy equation which is
e=1/2mv2 or e=mad
(mass x acceleration x distance)

Also, I'd throw in a suspension of the effects of inertia although that consequence is not dictated by the above ... but we're going to have that too anyway ... because it's inevitable ... and because ... I want it ;o)
Hell, let's have some artificial gravity too ... what the heck.

Basically, at the theoretical level, we must upturn Newton's fundamental laws of motion. "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction" and "A body in uniform motion will remain in motion unless acted upon by an external force". That is, they all work ... but ... under some circomstances, we can suspend these rules.

That's quite a shitload to haul to the intellectual dump ... and it's all from the "masters of the genre" too. Do we have a snowball's chance in hell of succeeding ....... Nahhhhhhhhhhhh. But we can try anyway as long as it costs less than $19.95. It could be fun at least.

04/18/06 ... materials to assemble

I got side-tracked by my Michelson-Morley page for awhile. I figured that if you could suspend the laws of motion ... surely, one could detect an absolute reference frame. This is true ... if ... my gizmo could work ... but it can't ... therefore it isn't. That much is clear ... isn't it??

ufoprop3.jpg - 15kb Here's some of my "ingredients". I made a coil with a total of fifty windings of 16 guage automotive grade insulated copper wire. The leads will go to the switch to turn on the experiment for a trial. The switch will be affixed to a long piece of wood (6'x9/8"x1/4" not shown because it would make the pic toooooo long.) The Logitech mouse is to show off that I have one ... and you don't ;o) There is my little tool pouch cobbled together from this and that ... and ... the idiot girl thingy toy from the movie "Chicken Little" which my grandsons left on ... MY &%$#%?! DESK ... THAT I TOLD THEM NOT TO DO ANYMORE ... BUT THEY STILL DO IT AND ... AND ... THE LITTLE #!?&s ... stay on task, EB ... stay on task.

Well, what am I gonna' do with this stuff?

I'm going to build a very sensitive balance which, if I'm correct (which I'm not), will show that all the above conjecture is correct ... because it will react to the earth's magnetic field (an unnecessary but unavoidable side-effect) ... and ... to 24 hour variations in the earth's magnetic field (also unavoidable) ... and ... to the 24 hour variation in the direction of travel through the "ether" which is undetectable by any known means ... so far. In this case "to detect" means "to interact with" and to interact with means - to void all the above laws of physics in just a narrow range of variability.

In other words, I'm going to use a simple magnetic coil to detect the earth's passage through the luminiferous ether. Of course, the earth's magnetic field is continuously monitored by compasses at multiple institutes of higher learning. Our magnetic field is so important to us that any minute change in its state is noteworthy in the short run or the long term. For instance, it now appears to be diminishing and scientists expect that it might "flip" sometime in the next few centuries which might have grave consequences for human beings since this is our primary radiation shield. So, if this supposed effect was there, it should have been noted long ago. Nevertheless, for my propositions to succeed, this is precisely what must have occurred. They missed it ... the professional geeks, scientists, engineers and "shmocks" have screwed up. Is the ice not melting in hell? "Why ... sure it is ... come on down and see" - Beelzebob

Here is what my setup will look like when ready for trials.

ufoprop4.gif - 7kb
There are several problems here. I tested my coil with a rechargeable AA battery and found that it overpowered my compass at roughly 6 inches away. This means that it should interact with the earth's magnetic field enough to register a tipping force on the scale. I found however, that the battery got very hot pretty fast. So, I need to do quick trials and record the final "numbers" that I will get from deviations from the plumb line. I'm afraid that the battery will explode or something equally heinous, so I'll encase it in some kind of shield I guess. The charge on the battery will be approximately the same for each trial if I recharge it fully. If not, this experiment cannot succeed in yielding useful information of any sort. The battery is the "crapshoot" part.

You will notice that my design is all but infinitely sensitive to the slightest variation in field intensity. And ... it can't fall down because its center of gravity will be below the balance point ... and ... it has a built in stopper in the low cardboard guage preventing it from tipping too much in any direction. I shall however, have to align the magnetic field so as to be opposite the earth's magnetic field so as to prevent any possibility of a torque developing that would tend to rotate the device and ruin measurements. So, any deviations caused by the earth's magnetic field will cause a downward push on the lever arm (not an upward push).

All in all ... it's just a simple magnetometer albeit with a non-preferred large electrical coil. No scientist would use something this crude to observe minute variations in the earth's magnetic field. Although it won't react as I want, I'll follow through because when you do an experiment, you always see the problem in a different light. And that problem is succinctly ... that I should be able to do a table top experiment which demonstrates the UFO's method of propulsion.

There is one other possibility that I have not addressed which I re-encountered while researching on the web. It is that the UFOs may be extremely light and therefore might just be using the magnetohydrodynamic effect which is well understood but not yet engineered well enough to be used in real world situations. Obviously, if the aliens are very advanced, their metallurgy must also be advanced beyond ours ... so ... a craft, that by our everyday experience we would estimate to weigh 20 tons, might only weigh 2 tons due to something like "foamed aluminum composites" (I made that up) ... but you get the point. Then they wouldn't have to propel so much mass out one end to push them in the opposite direction. Observers might just mistake the small mass push off as a no mass push off. And it might just be completely silent.

Of course, this is just the design of choice in order to keep our two mainstream ideas intact ...
1) The laws of physics are true as we presently understand them ... and
2) The UFOs are real as well.
This idea keeps both ... but ... it's not as glamorous so I reject it ... too tidy ;o) Besides I want my tractor beam !!

Theoretical Underpinnings

How could something possibly change direction of motion or begin moving without tossing something out in the opposite direction ... or ... pushing off on the earth thus tossing it back an imperceptible amount? To any physicist, this is just crazy on the face of it. It discards all the major laws of physics in one fell swoop.

In the above rollover image, the yellow background reference frame is isotropic Euclidean. The rollover reference frame is asymmetric being much more compressed to the right and expanded to the left. When matter (red dots) disperses, from the viewpoint of the asymmetric frame, they maintain a constant center of mass. but from the viewpoint of the Euclidean frame, the center of mass is now moving to the left.

It is important to note here that I am not talking about standard thermal dispersion. I am looking for dispersion at the level of the uncertainty principle (the quantum level). The pieces disperse because they have no specified position and no particular attraction or repulsion for one another. They are just cold (near absolute zero temperature). So, they disperse by a random walk method. The center of mass should then move in the direction shown ... reactionlessly ... in violation of Newton's laws of motion. There is a net vector to the left from the viewpoint of an observer in the Euclidean frame. This would require that a purely chance dispersion (a strictly mathematical dispersion) would not push the source of the field backward by reaction because each particle is behaving independently of the other particles. Put another way ... if there were such a cloud of particles set in deep space, they would disperse reactionlessly so that the center of mass of the set would remain basically in place ... just by chance ... because there is no preferred direction of motion there, i.e. the Euclidean frame is "symmetric" there.

I am saying that particles are affected by fields at the quantum level ... but ... particles do not affect the fields directly ... right away ... by reaction. The effect would be something along the lines of Lenz resistance where a changing magnetic field accelerates electrons along a wire which then produce another magnetic field opposed to the original field ... but ... these opposing fields don't prohibit the electron's initial movement because there is a logical order to the successive steps along the causal chain. In a reactionless drive the particle must "read" the asymmetric field (non-physically) ... then use that information to determine the relative probabilities of motion in one direction or another ... then, it goes ... then, if the particle is coupled normally (physically by standard electromagnetic bonds) to the stuff that generates the asymmetric field, that "ship's hull" is itself then accelerated by reaction with the particle's field in the normal way ... and ... the particle's non-physically generated movement is suspended by reaction with the hull ... but now it is in a new position and ready to repeat all the above ad infinitum.

Let me put it one more way. If one single particle is left out in deep space in a uniform state of motion ... it will not go where it is expected to go because it will wander about by a random walk method and the accumulated chance direction changes can amount to a detectable (though unpredictable) change in velocity which is outside of the theoretical boundaries of the Standard Model. But an aggregate of such particles will not move its center of mass much at all because there is no asymmetry there.

Now, suppose the particles above are in a crystal lattice structure, i.e. solid. They will still "try" to disperse by the above method but cannot do so because they are electromagnetically attached to one another. After all vectors are cancelled out, there should still be a net leftward vector ... and ... the solid will accelerate to the left ... and ... if it is attached to the ship's hull ... then, that force vector should be transmitted to the hull and the UFO moves to the left ... without throwing anything out in the other direction or pushing off on that asymmetric field.

The entire supposition is that ... if we create an asymmetric field, electrically neutral matter within the field at the most basic level of physics (the underlying rationale for the laws of motion) can be made to do other than those natural laws prescribe ... by way of an unnatural re-arrangement of the conditions that lead to the laws of motion. You would not expect to see this occurring in nature any more than you would expect to see a naturally occurring pocket watch.

This is very similar to what I believe to be the underpinnings of the nuclear force as superficially examined here. But more than likely, if it were to actually work, my estimate is that it would be caused by the weak interaction which I believe to be caused by the impossibility of exactly specifying the position of an electron, i.e. it can disappear here and reappear there ... acausally ... subject to the constraints of the uncertainty principle.

This should not work because ... "It can't be, therefore it isn't". I agree. It can't work ... so, I shall proceed anyway because honest people say these things exist and I believe them (in general). Yet I have no confidence. I am trying to dig out some new hole in an area that looks like swiss cheese from all the other holes dug for three centuries by others. There doesn't seem to be much chance here ... really.

What direction to pursue when the experiment fails

I intended that a coil wrapped around nothing but wood or plastic would produce a field within it that would be asymmetric when rotated.

ufoprop8.gif - 3kb
That is, since the electrons are traveling in a certain direction in the coil wires, one side of the plane of rotation is in the direction of the electron's motion and the other is opposed. There is an intrinsic asymmetry. And ... it's rotating ... and ... it's magnetic ... and ... one could conceivably put another smaller unit perpendicular to it (and gimbal it to rotate is plane of rotation so that the ship could tip by angular momentum conservation when one "wheel" was appropriately tilted thus facilitating directional change ... a saucer planform).

Now, I thought that the coil I made would be at one point during the day, traveling in the direction of the ether wind and 12 hours later would be opposed ... and I'd have the advantage of about 300 miles per second worth of ether drift too. Thus, at one point, the magnetometer would go down and 12 hours later would go down less (given that it would be so aligned as to always go down in response to the earth's magnetic field as expected. I would have been expecting to find a 24 hour period pointing to the constellation Leo which I expect to be our general heading through the ether as determined by CMBR experiments ... superimposed on the diurnal variation caused by the sun's daily transit. If there is an absolute reference frame ... it would most probably coincide with the one in which the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation is isotropic.

However, I did not take into consideration the effects of acceleration which are probably more important that any wishful attempt to detect the "ether" (which appears to be undetectable by any means whatsoever). If I wait through a 24 hour cycle, I've pretty much eliminated any internal accelerations because the earth spins much too slowly. If I need 1000 rpms to see an effect, I certainly won't see anything at 1 revolution per day ... (and generally, accelerations are what cause changes or asymmetries in fields). I had been thinking that velocity relative to the ether was the thing that mattered and that UFOs may have found a way to "sail" on it ... but then ... what would they use for a keel?

I'll need to make a rotating gizmo and ... that's gonna' cost a bit more than $19.95. That may be out of my reach given that I have almost no confidence in this. Maybe I can find something on the net that's already been done by someone else.

We'll see.

Addendum: 5/5/06

I decided not to bother with the magnetometer thing for lack of time. Anyway any slight anomaly in the output of such devices would be found by mining the reems of data already collected. It would show up as a small deviation in those readings which corresponded to the direction of the Leo constellation.

I would like to do the more expensive experiment. Unfortunately it would cost a few hundred bucks and I don't have enough confidence that it would show anything to wager that amount of cash. So, I guess it's true ...

"It can't be ... therefore it isn't"

Addendum: 05/16/06

I've thought up another way to perform the fast rotation experiment described above without having to waste money on an expensive motor. All I have to buy is a piece of copper tubing (obtained at Home Depot for 5 bucks - that puts me 3 bucks over my arbitrary $20 limit but ... what the hay? ... it was Mother's Day so I splurged).

The new setup will look like this:

ufoprop9.gif - 8kb

The idea here is to wind up the copper tubing like a child's swing. Then ... let it spin. After doing this several times in an identical manner, I should have a gauge reading that is predictable. The tubing side should weigh less when unwinding (because it's falling in a gravitational field) and more when it starts winding up again from its momentum at the end of the unwind phase (because it's going back up in the earth's gravitational field) ... then stabilizing as the winding up and down peters out.

The apparatus should be sensitive enough to detect this effect.

Then, after the above readings have been written down, the magnetic field would be switched on and the readings ... (if this is a genuine UFO propulsion mechanism) would be different, i.e. seemingly lighter in one rotational sense and heavier in the other ... more so than before.

Do I expect a positive result? ...... no.

I fully expect to be able to disprove my hypothesis ... which I will deem a successful experiment. That is, my experiment should be sensitive enough to get an experimentally acceptable "null" result. Therefore, when there is no apparent effect with the field on, the asymmetric field density hypothesis will be cleanly (rationally) refuted.

More later when I do the experiment. I have all the ingredients. I just need the time ... and some enthusiasm. It's hard to "get it up" for failure ;o)

01/18/42 ... 10 min ...
Reactionless UFO Propulsion
This is a description of my design for a UFO propulsion system from the viewpoint of standard physics. The mechanism is reactionless and would not obey linear momentum ... or ... energy conservation ... so ... those of you who are carnally associated with the Standard Model need not "look through my telescope". You may not believe in UFOs ... but "they're heeeeeere" nevertheless. For my part, I shall continue to try to figure it all out.

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