UFO Propulsion
( summing up everything I've ever learned )

his is probably the last webpage I shall write concerning Unidentified Flying Objects. I don't think I have anything more to learn that can be learned from theory alone based on observer reports. I can't do expensive experiments with superfluids and extreme rotational velocities so I'm stymied. I can, however, propose experiments that could be done by anyone with access to sophisticated scientific equipment such as one would find in a university or research company. And ... I can certainly give several theoretical reasons why such experiments should be done.

Problems, problems, problems ...

The first problem with the UFO phenomenon is that we have to scrub the laws of energy and linear and angular momentum conservation. The skeptics who eschew the possibility of interstellar travel are right ... it is fundamentally impossible within the framework provided by those conservation laws. Tsiolkovsky's rocket equation makes it intolerably expensive in terms of energy.

The rate at which energy must be used to make a reasonably short journey is a thermodynamic nightmare. See my video UFOs and the Laws of Thermodynamics (parts 1 and 2 below)

From all that I have learned in the past from studying physics and UFO literature, I am forced to conjecture that the conservation laws are not actually "laws" but ... a new term here ;o) ... "natural suggestions". That is, nature behaves consistently in accordance with apparant laws only because it has no structured reason to behave asymmetrically. It is evenhanded in what it does. A given material particle is unaware of any "laws" ... it simply responds to the forces immediately upon it in an evenhanded way, i.e. a way which reveals no conscious "choice" ... because it is "unthinking".

Thus, if we can contrive a "setup" wherein "evenhanded" means doing something that it wouldn't ordinarily do ... we can bend matter to our will. We can make it behave asymmetrically to our benefit.

Looking for a "chink" in the armor of the Conservation Laws ...

The conservation laws are all but completely rudimentary and can be used as faithful predictors of material behavior. We use them as tools of logic because we have such faith in them (though undoubtedly they are not abstractions of logic). So,here is a not often stated general rule of logic that concerns me.

"No rule or set of rules of logic
can overturn another rule of logic
which subsumes all of them"

If rule A subsumes rules B,C, D, E, F ... then ... no combination of BCDEF can overturn A because to do so invalidates the rules used to do the invalidation of A. Thus, the more basic a rule is, the less likely that you will find a counterexample. Then, to overturn something as primitive as conservation of linear momentum requires another principle of equal or greater importance. Now ... is it likely that all of the experimental scientists of the last two centuries have overlooked something on a par with linear momentum conservation?

I hardly think so.

But that must be the case ... if ... UFOs are real, mechanical "things". Experimentalists have missed something "dirt" simple. For this to occur, it must be some fact that requires lots of energy to show up for observation. So ... we should be able to discover the basic principle of UFO propulsion by the simple means of doing basic experiments over ... at extremes of velocity, temperature and magnetic and electric fields. Somewhere in there will be found a simple truth that will reveal that the only true logical rule of physics is the afforementioned "evenhandedness" ... that essential unthinking behavior of matter. And understanding this new rule, we should be able to design a device that will violate the other apparent "rules" we have hitherto taken as "fundamental".

And it will be something that nature ... on its own ... would not do.

But, there are plenty of things that nature doesn't construct on its own ... anywhere in the universe. Like steel and glass buildings ... or automobiles ... or electric washing machines, etc. This list of things only made by sentient beings and never by the universe of unthinking matter ... is ... endless. There are no naturally occurring plasm hi-def TVs anywhere in the universe out to an beyond the Hubble radius. I'm sure of that.

We have to construct something dirt simple that nature never makes ... then we can sidestep the conservation laws. It's a tall order ... but ... it must be possible because ... they ... are doing it.

My Last Proposition ...

is the only one I've ever thought of that is internally consistent. That is, it doesn't collapse on inspection because of simple logical errors. If the underlying physics is a correct model of existence ... this must be it. It's got legs.

It is based on the premise that no infinite velocities are possible and that a spherical reference frame exists around every massive particle (gravitational field). Finite velocity requires that the reference frame, when the particle is accelerating, should transform temporarily into an ellipsoidal shape during the time of acceleration ... and that the probability of the particle to be in any specific place is partly determined by that now distorted reference frame. Thus, the space that was originally symmetric, now represents a probability weighted in favor of the particle's return to its previous postion ... at least until the distorted field catches up to the particle and resumes its spherically symmetric shape when the acceleration stops.

Coupled with an intrinsic uncertainty of position, a particle's response to its own field distortion caused by acceleration is the identity of inertia.

Now, we rotate a ring of some sort, throw in a magnetic field ... and ... we can obtain a constant reactionless acceleration of a craft with a constant power output in violation of both linear momentum conservation and energy conservation which is exactly what is required ... if ... we wish to move around the galaxy in reasonable times.

The whole simple idea is presented here.

This mechanism does not solve completely the UFO propulsion problem. We also need to counteract the effects of acceleration on the occupants of the vehicle so as not to crush them against the inside walls of the craft. here's a 2nd part to Reactionless UFO Propulsion.

Machines parts only do 2 things

They can move back and forth ... or ... they can go round and round in a circle. There is nothing else possible except combos of the two types ... like ellipses and complicated paths. If we do the back and forth thing too fast ... the contraption tends to fall apart by vibration. So, most fast machines just go in circles. Even if we are talking about electrons ... they just do the same two things ... because there isn't anything else.

Our UFO must have something going round and round in its innards ... the propulsion system. That much is certain ... if ... it's a mechanical, metal, engineered object. But going round and round won't take us anywhere by itself. It will be what we do with the round 'n round component that will get it going in an asymmetric direction. If fact, any combination of mechanical movements at all ... no matter how complicated ... will just sit there ... humming and vibrating and going nowhere because of conservation of linear momentum. We have to go outside of basic geometrical mechanics.

The list of basic things we can do to the circular motion thingee is also quite limited. You can make it very hot or very cold (superconducting?) ... you can subject it to electric or magnetic fields. Hmmmm .... yup ... that's all. Because there isn't anything else available in the known universe ... at least the universe known to us. And if there is some basic thing to apply to our circular motion that we don't know of yet ... how would we find it? That's correct! We'd have to employ the electromagnetic interaction to find or generate it.

Most people just don't understand the total lack of "stuff" to work with in this universe. It's the reason why professional physicists won't consider the UFO problem at all. If it were possible to do this stuff, they would've encountered it already somewhere in the course of experiments. They haven't.

To the majority of people in industrial civilization with limited familiarity with physics, there are any number of things scientists could do. There are all those scientific sounding "names" of things ... aren't there?? No. There aren't. There is just back and forth, round 'n round, magnetic and electric fields, and hot and cold. Gravity is worthless for anything except water wheels and so is nuclear (you can't touch it without the electromagnetic field and then you use it for the stored electromagnetic energy it releases ... it's just a power source).

Hence, all UFO propulsion systems that actually propose using known "stuff" use exactly the above ingredients. Unfortunately every one of them is just too weak to get the job done.

Ruby Slippers Ideas

How about dark matter or dark energy? ... their hot! Or, vacuum energy ... Ooooooo! Or, black holes ... they used to be hot! And ... worm holes ... we can do it with worm holes! Wait ... wait a minute ... I got it! "Unobtainium" ... I saw it in Avatar! (Isn't that what they used in "Core" to protect themselves from the heat and pressure?). Alright! Now your'e talkin'.

"Let me knows when yous gets some" :o|

Clearly, you can make up names endlessly for propulsion systems and ... they are all different ... as long as you don't look under the hood. If you do, you will find either ... nothing at all (hoax) ... or ... round' and round', electric-magnetic, hot-cold. Truly, there isn't anything else.

Here's part 1 of my 6 part series "Saucerdotal - The Mystery of UFO Propulsion" ... total time ~1 hour.