Mathematical "Piss-Offs"

ne thing which pisses me off the most about mathematics (in this case "God" for want of a better term) is that it often makes damnably close approximations to obvious conclusions ... without perhaps any meaning at all.

It seems like a "disinformation" campaign.

Take this fundamental thingy ...

"e", "pi" and 3 are quite fundamental numbers aren't they? Three is how many dimensions there are after all. OK ... then why must it be that,

pi minus 3 equals ______ 0.141592654


3 minus e equals ______ 0.281718172

and then,

2 times 0.141592654 equals ______ 0.283185308

and now,

0.283185308 minus 0.281718172 equals ______ 0.001467136

so that,

2.718281828 over 0.001467136 yields ______ 1852+


Why is this difference so close to two? Why couldn't it be further off than one lousy sheet of paper on a pile of paper eight inches high (1852 pieces)?

I have encountered painful facts like this before. What am I supposed to do? By our nature we must draw inferences when we see improbable "thingies" ... but these improbable thingies are everywhere!

Alien disinformation ...

Real Alien

oo ... oooo ... ooooooooo

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